How should we deal with it?

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How should we deal with it?

Posted By hong yi     June 29, 2020    


There are many noise problems encountered during the use of vane pumps. Sometimes, if there is only a small noise, there may be no big problems, but if there are serious noise problems, you have to pay attention to it. Here we will come to You talk about how to deal with it if there is serious noise?

1. The triangular unloading groove at the pressure oil chamber of the oil distribution disk of the vane pump is too short, resulting in oil trapping and local pressure increase. The chamfer of the top of the blade is too small, and the blade has a sudden change in force when the blade moves. The blade height and size tolerances are not strictly controlled, resulting in unequal blade height.

2. The curved surface of the stator is scratched or worn seriously. The end face of the oil distribution plate is not perpendicular to the inner hole, or the blade is not perpendicular.

3. The oil level of the hydraulic oil pump is too low, the salary is too high, and the oil absorption is not smooth. The oil inlet is not tightly closed, and air is sucked into the pump.

4. The skeleton oil seal in the end cover of the right pump body presses the transmission shaft too tightly. The coaxiality of the hydraulic oil pump and the motor is seriously out of tolerance. The installation of the coupling between the hydraulic oil pump and the motor is unreasonable, causing impact and vibration during operation.

5. The motor speed is too high, or exceeds the rated speed of the hydraulic oil pump. The hydraulic oil pump works under overload pressure.

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