The 28th skill of Old School RuneScape is coming to players
    • Last updated July 2, 2020
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The 28th skill of Old School RuneScape is coming to players

Posted By Helodie Jaqucline     July 2, 2020    


Jagex, creators and custodians of the iconic living game RuneScape, has announced that Archaeology, a new skill for RuneScape and one of the most powerful ever, will be added game. Skill system is the most important feature in Old School RuneScape, enabling players to train and level up various abilities to shape their character, and the introduction of Archaeology will begin a major expansion with both a deeply integrated new skill and five massive new locations to explore.

RuneScape’s 28th skill has players journeying into and excavating five vast dig sites in search of artefacts and relics. Archaeology will dive deep into the game’s lore and sets up a replacement and epic storyline that’s connected to the OSRS Gold for Sale world’s original creators, the Elder Gods.

The new Archaeology skill encompasses a 120 level cap and is offered to both RuneScape members and free players as soon because it launches. Players will excavate and restore artefacts using their gathering talents. Furthermore, discovery of ancient relics will unlock powerful perks like adrenaline boosts, infinite run energy and far more.

Players also will discover ancient training methods for other skills. Ancient Summoning will enable them to bind the demonic slayer creatures of the planet, while Ancient Invention uncovers forgotten ancient technology and blueprints that enable players to make fresh devices and perks by dissembling the artefacts found.

Who will win the race to 120 first? And more to the purpose, who are going to be the primary to grab the all new skilling pet, Archie the kid mummy? RuneScape’s first big update of 2020 also lays the inspiration for a dramatic year ahead.

Dave Osborne, the Lead Designer of RuneScape explains that archaeology is so much more than a skill – every dig site will tell a story, which will bring multiple new areas and significant new ways to play RuneScape when it drops in-game on March 30th. As players empower relics, uncover artefacts and improve their Archaeology abilities, secrets of a future story arc will unfold. We can’t wait to begin revealing more of the mystery surrounding Archaeology over the months to come.

The designer said that in order to attract more potential paying users, they will provide free players with a certain amount of game time. In about two hours of game time, free-to-play players can practice archaeology skills to level 20. However, if you want to continue training on this skill, you need to Buy OSRS Gold and subscribe to the game and become a member, so that you can practice archaeology up to 120 levels and you can explore more ancient ruins to obtain unique rewards and items. If you want to start archaeology in the game after reading this article, then I suggest you take a look at, where you can buy cheap and safe OSRS Gold. If you register as a member, you can also enjoy additional member discounts on the basis of low prices. Most importantly, GOLDRS is a trusted website and supports multiple payment methods. If you want to obtain a large amount of RuneScape Gold in a short period of time, then you can go to their page.