I concur I a few of my gamers
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    • Last updated July 2, 2020
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I concur I a few of my gamers

Posted By MMOexp sitefans     July 2, 2020    


Stretch, the corners, and X variables will be fixed. They mend the meta every year. But a brand new one will form that upsets us all the same. Take Madden 20 coins abilities that correct AI. For some reason, they threw in a bunch of'abilities' which are really. Take that out and resolve the pursuit angles. If you dont click, the AI will opt to run contrary to the ballcarrier instead of making the attack and merely taking the angle.

I concur I a few of my gamers with 99 pursuit just circle the opponent like a shark instead of handling anybody. I do not even believe they added the skills to fix issues. My guess is so players had motive to buy 16, they left things bad on purpose. Yeah exactly what I mean. Linebackers used to be able to jump or at least put up their hands a foot above their head. The list continues, I could do this all day. You mean you think your receivers need to be able to turn after grabbing the ball? Madness. Totally agree with you. In reality I think that the entire MUT community will.

I think given all of the different things that the line needs to be able to handle they do a fair job of blocking. There are screw ups, but the millions of possible user adjustments to plays may impact obstructing. Clint did a meeting a week where he talked about how they changed the AI blocking in Madden nfl, and earlier that I did not understand how much work they had already put to it or how much was going on.

They need to tune down pass the rate of insta-sheds and rush skills though. I'm fine with skills making someone a fantastic pass rusher, but to more coins on mmoexp should not be outside of 7 moves on my own opening drive there are insta-sheds on 5 plays. If you believe a tackle standing there and watching a Defensive lineman go right by there face without moving or becoming from the posture is reasonable.The problem with a number of the ideas is EA has made defenders react faster to the pass in the past but they do not understand how to get it done properly. They had a problem with LBs having the ability to lurk balls 15 yards from where the ball was likely to be thrown.