Precautions for using airless sprayer

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Precautions for using airless sprayer

Posted By luxi tools     July 5, 2020    


Airless spraying is the fastest way to complete most spraying work. Appropriate safety precautions must be taken when operating the airless paint sprayer, paying attention to potential hazards, and wearing protective clothing and glasses.

First of all, you need to understand the basic steps to use the airless sprayer correctly. First connect the spray gun and hose, then rinse and pour the sprayer, and finally install the spray head and shield

Next, the sprayed surface needs to be properly treated, and the surface to be sprayed is the most important part of any spraying project. TSP can be used to clean all inner walls and keep the equipment dry. For external surfaces, you can use a high-pressure cleaner or a cleaning solution for thorough cleaning. After cleaning, you also need to keep the surface dry. After completing the above steps, repair and polish all cracks, debris and holes in the sprayed surface.

Any airless machine may exhibit excessive spraying. To prevent the surface from being over-sprayed, you can cover the baseboard, furniture, windows, etc. with cloth or newspaper before the spraying operation. When spraying outdoors, you also need to pay attention to changes in wind direction. It is best to cover plants or shrubs with plastic to prevent them from being sprayed by atomized paint. This can reduce cleaning up after spraying.

Proper spraying is to keep the China spray gun about 12 inches away from the surface and carry out continuous spraying for a long time, which can make the sprayed surface more neat and smooth.