Always nice to find an OSRS RuneScape player
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    • Last updated July 6, 2020
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Always nice to find an OSRS RuneScape player

Posted By MMOexp sitefans     July 6, 2020    


The gameplay and graphics of RS3 seem very enticing, although OSRS gold I primarily play OSRS! Should I begin a degree 3 so I can get grasp over the learning curve or should I play on my first account? Starting a new account could be fun. There's a lot of mechanisms that you'll learn from figuring out where everything is and completing interfaces, as well as the level material. Or continuing along with your original account could make it possible for you to jump to mid-high level content. Honestly it depends on how far that account has improved. If you've obtained some 99's or a hundred mil gp from the bank I would stick with that one.

Yesterday I came over from OSRS. Playing from 06, and let me tell you.. It is somewhat overwhelming at first.. However, used to it. Do you like it over OSRS? RuneScape looks like it'll be better for me since I have a FT job. I personally consider them. But I am having a fun I've on it. Its fine to take a tiny break and play with another game. I will be sticking to RS3 for a while atleast! And the reason I came too is I cba, yeah only getting xp levels that are 40-50k that I work.

If your OG accounts is higher or foundation 70s I wouldn't create a new account but up for you. While you play on your osrs could afk a new RS3 accounts account to create gp to swap to RS3. Is swapping between OSRS/RS3 a thing which Jagex allows? I am fairly new to RS3. I haven't used it just something I seen others. A friend of mine swapped around 1b. They're making money from you anyways so they don't have any motive to steal, if you receive the right swap service you're fine.

Definetly a matter of selection, always nice to find an OSRS RuneScape player giving RS3 a try. With having attained levels does help with EOC skills to buy RS gold, if you would like to use your RS3 account connected to a OSRS account it is perfectly viable, may have a few extra unlocks. If you want to start fresh it will help with studying RuneScape and I see as it eliminates the mtx aspect of a typical account, is popular with OSRS moving to RS3 is style. Ironman makes it that mtx isn't available on your account thus a feasible option although I don't usually bother with MTX other than daily keys that are bonuses here and there.