Xi Dengzhi
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Xi Dengzhi

Posted By Alma Pollitt     September 21, 2022    


Ma Qinggui was unprepared and was kicked in the face by Miao Fengwu. He stood unsteadily, covered his face and staggered back a few steps. The silver needle sent out by Maochun was originally aimed at his eyebrows, but it missed his aim when he shook, passed through his fingers and shot into his left eye. Ma Qinggui sent out a scream of "ah", accompanied by the pain of drilling into the bone marrow, his vision suddenly lost half. Originally thought that forced Miao Fengwu, he will be able to go out of the city smoothly, did not expect the critical time, Gong Mi so hesitant, leading to the current chaotic situation. Painful and angry, like a mad bear, he pounced on Miao Fengwu regardless. Miao Fengwu was rolling with Gong Mi. She saw Ma Qinggui rushing over, but Gong Mi was still holding her waist tightly. She wanted to hide but couldn't get away. In a hurry, she flew up again and kicked Ma Qinggui, but Ma Qinggui grabbed her feet and dragged her to the remaining horse. Miao Fengwu was pulled down from Gong Mi's body by him, and her whole back was stuck to the hard stone floor. As soon as she was dragged by Ma Qinggui, the pain of the scratch burned her, like a fire burning on her back. Eager to survive,Pietra Gray Marble, Ma Qinggui ignored the pain in his left eye and dragged Miao Fengwu to the front of the horse, holding one of her feet with one hand and one of her wrists with the other, throwing it hard on the horse's back. Miao Fengwu was tortured by the pain all over her body and had no strength to struggle. She felt like a rag bag and was thrown up and "snapped" on the horse's back. Then Ma Qinggui stepped on the horse, grabbed the reins with one hand and pinched Miao Fengwu's neck with the other. He shouted in the direction of Xingye, "Get out of the way, or I'll break her neck!" In the chaos just now, Xing Ye and Mao Chun had rushed over. Unfortunately,pietra gray marble, it was only one step short of saving Miao Fengwu. Watching Ma Qinggui pinched Miao Fengwu's neck, Xingye immediately stopped and stopped all the people who rushed up. Although he was close at hand, he did not dare to play with Miao Fengwu's life. He had to wave his hand and said, "Get out of the way!" Ma Qinggui, however, could not wait for a moment, and before he could get out of the way, he had already shaken the reins and urged the horse to run out of the prison. The horse on his side had just spread its hooves, and Gong Mi had already got up from the ground. She ran for a few steps, but could only reach and touch the horse's tail. Seeing that Ma Qinggui was about to kidnap Miao Fengwu and run away, she only hesitated for a moment. She gritted her teeth resolutely, raised her left hand with her right hand, Silver Travertine Slabs ,white marble slabs, aimed at the horse's buttocks, grabbed the unconscious index finger and grasped it hard. A silver thread flew out of the diamond ring and "whoosh" into the horse's buttocks. Although the silver thread was a thin one, the poison spread quickly because it was quenched. The horse did not run far, and its hind legs lost consciousness because of paralysis. In the rush, it suddenly fell forward and threw Ma Qinggui and Miao Fengwu on horseback out at the same time. Where can Xing Ye miss such an opportunity? When he saw Gong Mi's action, he immediately ran after him. At the moment when Ma Qinggui was thrown out heavily, he had already arrived and hit Ma Qinggui in the back. Ma Qinggui spurted a mouthful of blood and fainted. It's a long story, but in fact it's only a short time. Gong Mi stood there, took off the diamond ring on his left hand and threw it on the ground. She watched Ma Qinggui fall to the ground, tears flowing down involuntarily. After all, she was still ruthless, just a flash of hesitation, which led to the failure of her carefully planned prison rescue. The man from the guard camp rushed over, twisted her arms and restrained her. Then he asked Xing Ye, "Your Majesty, how to deal with Gong Xiuyuan?" Xing Ye was picking up Miao Fengwu from the ground. When he heard this, he didn't look back: "Go to prison!" Although Miao Fengwu was tortured by the flesh wounds all over her body, she still heard this sentence. She spoke with difficulty, but her voice was very weak: "Your Majesty, will you put her in the cold palace?" "Income prison!" Xing Ye suddenly raised his voice and repeated his decision with a bit of anger. Those people did not hear Miao Fengwu's request, only heard Xing Ye repeating his command, but did not dare to hesitate any more, hurriedly escorted Gong Mi to the prison. Maochun brought people forward, gave Ma Qinggui a cangue, and sent him back to the prison. This sudden incident of prison robbery, like a farce, ended comically. But Miao Fengwu suffered a solid flesh wound all over his body. Xing Ye hugged her and sent her back to Shuzhu Palace, where the doctor came and took medicine for the stab wound on her shoulder, the scratch on her back and the fall on her leg. After the dressing, Miao Fengwu was like a rice dumpling, leaving only one face intact. Xing Ye sat at the head of her bed with a sullen face and did not speak. It was not until the Imperial Physician had taken care of her wound and retired that he pointed at Miao Fengwu and scolded her, "Since your brother's case was exposed by those people, you seem to have lost your brain. You are so stupid!"! What the hell did she give you? Let you take people to the prison in a daze? Miao Fengwu was in the wrong, but wrapped in a bandage, there was no way to get up and apologize, hurriedly and briefly explained the matter to Xing Ye. Xing Ye did not know whether to laugh or cry: "You.." What do you think! Even if Gong Mi has some weird hobby! Will she take a fancy to Xiao Yun? Looking back now, naturally everything is clear. But before Miao Fengwu based on the absolute trust of Gong Mi, she really can not think of any other reason to explain Gong Mi's strange behavior. Miao Fengwu also felt that since her premature birth, her brain was very dull, and she did not know whether it was because she had been worried about the life and death of the prince, or because she had been confused by Miao Fenggang. During this period of time,Grey Marble Slab, she seemed to have been unable to think clearly. Such a big thing happened today. If Ma Qinggui really ran away, she really had no face to see him again. My concubine is guilty. She couldn't find an excuse, so she had to admit her mistake. forustone.com