War and Peace Vol. 2 Book 5
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War and Peace Vol. 2 Book 5

Posted By Alma Pollitt     September 21, 2022    


"Do you remember that I once set out from Tver to celebrate Christmas," said Anatole, with a smile of memory, turning to Makarin, who was looking meekly and intently at Kuragin? "Do you believe, Makarka, that we were flying so fast that we could hardly breathe. Hit the motorcade and we went straight over two cars. Isn't that right? "These horses are really good!" Balaga went on, "when I harnessed two young bridle horses to a chestnut horse," and he turned to Dolohov, "Fyodor Ivanitch, believe it or not, the animals galloped sixty versts; it was so cold that my hands were frozen. I threw away the reins and said, "Rein, my Lord," when I suddenly fell into the sled. It's not that we have to drive the animals, but that we can't strangle them all the way to the field. Within three hours, devilishly arrived. Only the horse that pulled the left harness fell dead. www.xiaoshuotxt.,com Chapter 17 Novel t-xt heaven Anatole went out of the room, and returned a few minutes later, dressed in a short fur coat with a silver belt, and bearing a sable hat that matched his comely face at a jaunty angle. He looked at himself in the mirror, assumed the position he had assumed in front of the looking-glass, and stood before Dolohov with a glass of wine in his hand. "Well,321 stainless steel sheet, good-bye, Fergie," said Anatole. "Thank you very much for all your attention. Good-bye." Hey, guys, friends.. He hesitated. Of my youth.. Farewell. He turned to Makarin and the others and said. Although they were all going with him, it was obvious that Anatole wanted to say something exciting and touching to his companions. He drawled in that loud voice, puffing out his chest and shaking one foot. Take up your glasses, everyone. Take up your glasses, too,a333 grade 6 pipe, Baraga. Hey, guys, my friends of youth, step by step, play to the orthodoxy. We've all been drinking and having a good time, haven't we? Now I'm going abroad. When will we meet again? We've all had our fun. Farewell, my friends. I wish you good health! Hurrah!.. He said, finishing a glass of wine and throwing it on the floor with a bang. I wish you good health. Said Balaga, who also finished a glass of wine and wiped his mouth with a handkerchief. Makarin embraced Anatole with tears in his eyes. Ah, Duke, I am sorry to be parted from you. He said "Let's go, let's go!" Anatole cried. Balaga just came out of the room. "Don't go away, stop," said Anatole. Close the door. Everybody has to sit down. That's it. The door was closed and everyone sat down. Hey, guys, let's go now! Anatole stood up and said. Joseph, Carrara Marble Slab ,x70 line pipe, the servant, handed Anatole his bag and sabre, and they went into the anteroom. Where is the fur coat? Said Dolohov, "Ah, Ignatka!"! Go to Matlyona Matveyevna and ask for the fur coat, the ermine coat. "I was told how to take the girl away quietly," said Dolohov with a wink. She comes out half dead in a dress she wears at home; if you delay a moment, she will cry and call for her father and mother, and she will be frozen stiff. To go back, you must wrap her up in a fur coat and carry her to the sled. The servant brought a woman's coat of fox fur. Fool, I told you to have a mink coat. Ah, Matryoshka, the ermine coat! He shouted so loudly that the rooms at a distance could hear him. Ignatka is the pet name of Ignati. Matrioshka is the pet name of Matriona. The beautiful, thin, pale Tzigan girl, with shining black eyes and curly black hair shining in tile blue, came out in a red shawl and a mink coat in her hand. All right, take it. It's not that I don't want to part with this coat. "She said, evidently timid in the presence of her lordship, and reluctant to part with the woman's coat.". Dolohov did not answer her, but took the fur jacket, threw it carelessly over Matriosa, and wrapped her up. "That's it," said Dolohov. "That's it from now on," he said, and then he turned up her collar around her head, only a little open in front of her face. "And that's it from now on, see?" He asked Anatole to put his head close to the collar, from which Matriosa's charming smile could be seen. "Well, good-bye, Matriosa," said Anatole, as he kissed her. "Alas, my days of drinking and carousing here are over!"! Please give my regards to Skopka. Hey, bye! Good-bye, Matriosa, and wish me happiness. Matriosa is the pet name of Matriona. Scopka is the pet name of Stepan. "Well, Duke, God bless you and grant you great happiness." Said Matriosa with a Tzigan accent. Two triptychs were standing by the steps, two able drivers were holding the horses, and Baraga, sitting down in front of them, raised his arms high, and held the reins unhurriedly with both hands to the right and left. Anatole and Dolohov approached him and sat down. Makarin, Khvostikov, and the servant got into another troika. Are you ready? Asked Balaga. Let's go! He gave a cry, wound the reins round his hand, and the three carriages moved rapidly down the Boulevard of Nikitin. Phew! Let's go, hey! "Phew!" Baraga and the great young man in the postilion's seat shouted. In Arbat Square, the three carriages caught up with a carriage and began to crack. There was a cry, but the three carriages sped along Arbat Square. Balaga walked along Podnovinsky Street for two sections,uns s31803 sheet, began to rein in his horse, and went back. At the crossroads of Old Stables Street, the horse stopped. forustone.com