Shen Huang
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Shen Huang

Posted By Alma Pollitt     September 21, 2022    


With the help of his world-shaking yyīn Yang strength, he harmonizes the five elements, and the solitary yyīn is not born, and the solitary Yang is not long. Yang Qi nourishes Yang, and according to the yuan y yīn in the human body, it obviously begins to grow strong. What exactly is going on here? Zong Shou was surprised for a while, but he didn't know that it was because of his world-shaking strength, which was different from others. Or for other reasons. Or this method of double cultivation, this should not be deliberately done, like two people like this, but more in line with the way of heaven. Also not how to think carefully, Zong Shou will all this, all thrown away. At this moment, he just wants to enjoy happiness and feel everything about the girl under him. I only feel that any distracting thoughts are a blasphemy to this mood. ※※※※ Early in the morning, Zong Shou was refreshed, standing outside his bedroom, bathed in the sunshine of the first dust. I just feel that my body has never been so good. Jjīng is full of energy and physical strength. I feel that at this moment, I can fight with people on the battlefield for three nights, and I won't be tired. The important thing was that the conflict between the two chakras in his body was a surprising calm. If you do not use the breath, there is no trace of discord. Originally in the body, that continuous, all the time like a white blade plus the body of pain, but also completely disappeared. Instead,Inflatable dry slide, it was Zong Shou who felt extremely uncomfortable. The inner feeling of the spirit, Zong Shou's face, the smile is more and more obvious. The inner breath in his chakra at this moment can be regarded as the real and complete world-shaking yyīn Yang strength. One Yang and one Yang flow in the circulation of the spiral meridians, growing and growing with each other. Just then, on the banyan tree next to him, a little dew fell and dripped in front of him. Zong Shouyi pointed it out, and his eyes could see it clearly. This drop of dew, in a moment, shatters and shatters into pure psionic energy. It is constantly restored and condensed into water droplets by the spiritual power of the water system. After a breath,Inflatable water obstacle course, it still falls as usual. But who can know, this drop of dew, in that breath, was shattered thousands of times, but also restored thousands of times! "Ninety percent!" Just this moment, Zong Shou already knew how much he had benefited last night. In the past, he had two veins. The breath is more than twice as strong as others. But only 70% can be called at most, and only two or three hours at most. But at this time, the yuan y yīnjīng Qi of Xuanyuan Yiren was introduced to harmonize y yīn Yang. But you can use 90% of your strength, and even fight with people, without worrying about the conflict between the two veins in your body. In this way, before the spiritual realm, there should be no more obstacles! Just break through the last barrier of heaven and man. Naturally, if before breaking through the spiritual realm. It is best to be able to absorb the life mark of a water mythical beast. Zong Shou suddenly clenched his fist, and then he felt helpless. Although he was nourished by yuan Yyiīn, his world-shaking strength finally had a foundation, large inflatable water slide ,inflatable floating water park, but the weight was still a little less. It can only be maintained to the spiritual realm, if you want to go further. We need more. It's a pity that I worked hard all night last night, and my income was less than one thousandth of what I got at the very beginning. It is strange that the art of double cultivation is repeated again and again, and the yuan y yīn yuan Yang is mentioned. Personal experience, as expected, is a huge gap. It seems that if you want to go further, you have to work harder! Turning around, Zong Shou saw a line of maids coming out of the room with washbasins and washing things. After seeing Zong Shou, their faces were all chcháo red, and they were even more surprised in their shyness. Zong Shou Hei Hei smiled and was very proud. I know what's going on. Last night, it almost never stopped. I don't know if it's because I don't know the taste of meat for a long time and I'm excited, or it's the instinctive desire to shake the world. But also because Xuanyuan Yiren, he is a person who practices martial arts. Seemingly weak, but strong body. He was only half a step away from the seventh rank before he dared to act so foolishly. For an ordinary woman, he was so conquering, has long been unable to bear. And when Zong Shou stepped into the hall, he saw Xuanyuan Yiren waking up. He was already wearing clothes, but he was powerless on the edge of the bed. See Zong Shou, immediately is an almond stare, with a bit of resentment, a bit of joy, a bit of fear, and with some shame. When I think of yesterday, I feel I have no face to see anyone. Indulge in the meat yyù, almost unable to extricate themselves. Chapter five hundred and seventy-three Yin Dragon Valley is now (for recommendation for monthly tickets) Chapter five hundred and seventy-three y yīn dragon valley now (ask for recommendation and monthly ticket) Spend all your private wealth in the book of Zeus, which is the second one. Zong Shou's whole person began to be like a puppet in human form, at the mercy of others. Take a bath and change clothes, and then wear this red robe. He was led to meet the bride outside the city. Later, the couple ascended the Temple of Heaven together to offer sacrifices to heaven, one to pray for the official founding of heaven, and the other to tell God that he had married Xuanyuan Yiren. In ancient times, the cloud world regarded the emperors as dragons and the princes as Jiao, who were the sons of heaven. Therefore, the emperors of the past Dynasties need to regard "heaven" as "father". So the son's marriage is a big event that must be told to God. The whole etiquette is very complicated. The people of the Ministry of Rites also wrote a volume of extremely obscure prayers. It is as long as ten thousand words. You are not allowed to let others do it for you. You have to read it yourself. Although Zong Shou had already turned into the true strength of the world at this time, the conflict between the two veins in his body had improved, and his physical strength was much more abundant, but he was also tossed about half dead. But when the ceremony was completed, the recent ministers were fine, just simply excited. But all the old ministers of Gan Tianshan Mountain had tears in their eyes, sadness and joy. Xuanyuan Tong was also crying, his knife-like cheeks were covered with tears, and he did not know whether he was happy or sad. And from time to time stare at Zong Shou, seems to be y y! Jng told him, if dare to treat his daughter slowly, be careful that he Xuanyuan Tong and you desperately! Finally is to accept the princes to pay homage, until all things are over, it is already in the evening. This is still good, Gan Tian Xin Li, in the eyes of many people, are barbarian countries, not so many rules. If you change to a big business, it must take a few nights. Zong Shou's expression,Inflatable mechanical bull, but as soon as all the rituals were over, the crowd gradually dispersed. This heart, suddenly excited up.