What is treated at a foot and nail clinic?
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What is treated at a foot and nail clinic?

Posted By suncoastpodiatry suncoastpodiatry     Sep 27    


The movement and support that is produced by our feet involve over 100 ligaments, 33 joints, 26 bones and 31 muscles.  In this complex structure, a variety of problems and medical conditions can arise.


Podiatry is a branch of medical science that deals with structural problems related to the lower limb. It means you can visit a foot and nail clinic for diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of problems related to foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back.


At a foot and nail clinic, patients are treated by highly qualified health professionals called podiatrists.

A podiatrist can treat patients from all age groups. Their scope of practice of podiatrists ranges from aged individuals dealing with diabetic feet to toddlers suffering from pigeon toes.


Let’s discuss the types of assessments and specialised treatments offered by podiatrists.


General podiatry

Certain medical conditions, increasing age and lifestyle factors contribute to painful ankle and sore heel conditions. You can seek care for personalised foot pain treatment from a podiatrist.


General podiatry at foot and nail clinics typically treats skin, nails and foot pain.

Skin treatment

Podiatrists are experts and backed by the latest techniques to assess and treat skin problems on your feet and lower limbs. You can get personalised care for:

  1. Calluses and corns
  2. Athlete’s foot
  3. Plantar warts
  4. Cracked and dry skin
  5. Ulcerations


Nail treatment

A variety of nail conditions can be treated efficiently by a qualified podiatrists. Book an appointment if you are struggling with:

  1. Ingrown toenails
  2. Fungal toenails
  3. Thickening nails
  4. General nail care


Foot pain treatment

A podiatrist undertakes treatment after an in-depth assessment of your condition and the underlying reasons causing your  foot pain and soreness. Podiatrists are specialists in bone and joint functions and they can treat the following conditions causing discomfort:

  1. Heel pain
  2. Toe deformities
  3. Bunions
  4. Sprains
  5. Fractures
  6. Injuries


From general nail care to expert treatment for bunions, podiatrists are vital in managing the health of your feet.


Sports podiatry

Excessive walking, running and jumping are strenuous for feet. Athletes often struggle with sprains and injuries, therefore, tailored treatment plans are essential. Additionally, sports podiatrists can conduct a thorough biomechanical assessment to provide performance plans for athletes.


Sports injuries

Diagnose any foot condition that arise fromsports related injury and get a tailored treatment plan. Common sports related injuries that are treated by a podiatrist are:

  1. Heel spurs
  2. Ball of the foot pain
  3. Knee pain
  4. Hip and back pain
  5. Spinal problems


Preventive care

After an in-depth biomechanical assessment, a podiatrist may recommend appropriate footwear. Based on the diagnostic techniques  of walking and running analysis, a podiatrist may suggests sports orthotics or exercises, which help you in performing better and avoiding future injuries.



Children’s podiatry

paediatric podiatrist checks the foot mechanics in kids to ensure a healthy gait and posture. Foot and lower limb problems are common in growing children. Poor foot mechanics can lead to poor posture and painful conditions. Therefore, an appointment with a kids’ podiatrist is a must for early assessment of structural problems and gait disorders.


Take your child to the podiatry clinic if you notice any of the following:

  1. Alignment problem: Poor balance, clumsiness,conditions like Metatarsus Adductus, Juvenile HAV etc are treated efficiently by a kids podiatrist.
  2. Gait disorder: Children in-toeing, out-toeing and tip-toeing must seek appropriate treatment to avoid future musculoskeletal problems.  
  3. Foot and lower limb pain: If your child complains about growing pain, heel pain, cramps, fractures, sprained ankles, tight calves or tarsal coalitions, it is best to get them checked immediately.


Biomechanical imbalance results in painful growth. Every child deserves to run, jump and grow in a carefree manner. Whether it’s the weight of the school bag, wrong footwear or poor posture, a podiatrist willhelp you identify the root cause of the problem and offer tailored guidance.

Diabetic foot care

Feet complications are common among diabetics. Nerve damage and circulation damage are the culprits that affect your ability to feel pain or heal wounds. As a result, the risk of severe infections, foot ulcers and amputation is higher in diabetics. For complete and personalised care, it is best to regularly visit a podiatrist.


The tailor made diabetic foot care includes:

  1. General treatment for corns and callus
  2. General nail trimming and care
  3. Dry skin, ulcer and infection treatment
  4. Footwear advice
  5. Dietary and exercise guidance


It is important to regularly assess the severity of nerve damage and circulation damage. A podiatrist investigates the blood flow and conducts a touch test assessment to confirm the level of sensation left in the foot. Regular assessments are important for utmost foot care and for reducing the risk of gangrene and amputation.



Our feet handle a lot throughout the day soit is important to wear the right kind of footwear.Those who have trouble sleeping at night may benefit from wearing custom orthotics,Early assessment of gait is also essential for healthy development of kids.Regular care and assessment are also crucial for diabetics. All these and many more specialties can be found at a foot and nail clinic. Visit the link given below to get personalised sore feet treatment from professional podiatrists.