Importance of Energy Efficiency & Future of Our Planet

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Importance of Energy Efficiency & Future of Our Planet

Posted By faxay zah     September 29, 2022    



Saving the planet might just as well start with a simple window and door renovation. At its most basic definition, energy efficiency occurs when you manage to provide the same service by using less energy. For instance, manage to keep your home just as warm during the winter without having to turn up the heat all the time.


Energy Efficiency


First, let me clarify that energy efficiency is not the same as energy conservation. The latter is when you go for periods of time without using a service in order to save energy. For example, when you turn off your lights at night, this is energy conservation. However, when you replace an incandescent bulb with a fluorescent bulb, this is energy efficiency. The latter uses much less energy to provide you with the same amount of light as the former.


Why is Energy Efficiency Important?


First and foremost, it makes us far better consumers. Whenever we use less energy, we pay less for energy. However, there are other, environmental reasons why we should stop wasting energy.


The less energy we use, the longer our non-renewable fossils will last. It is an ongoing battle for renewable sources of energy to be discovered and developed. In the meantime, as conscious citizens of planet earth, we need to make everything possible to ensure that the current resources last us long enough.


Energy Reduces the Global Environmental Damage


Using less energy reduces the global environmental damage caused by us. Being able to use less of each energy resource, but extract the same amount of useful energy is what we should aim at. This is also the quickest and easiest way, by far, to slow down global warming which is a real thing by the way.


Developing the Infrastructure


The money that we can save from sending soldiers to fight for oil, we can invest in education, home renovations, and developing the infrastructure. But, it all starts with us, the consumers.


We need to learn how to use alternative energy sources and demand more support for alternative energy programs. After all, this is the future of the planet, not oil. The days of the oil are running out and it is left to us, the consumers, and citizens of Earth, to determine where the future of our planet is to go next.