Fiber Splice Closure Analysis

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Fiber Splice Closure Analysis

Posted By fiberclosure top     November 8, 2018    


The Fiber Optic Splice Closure is a popular name. The scientific name is called the optical cable connection box, which is also called the optical cable connection package, the optical cable connector package and the barrel. It is a mechanical pressure sealing joint system, which is a continuous protection device that provides optical, sealing and mechanical strength continuity between adjacent optical cables. It is mainly used for straight-through and branch connection of overhead, pipeline, direct burial and other laying methods applicable to various structural optical cables.

The box body is made of imported reinforced plastic, high strength and corrosion resistance. The terminal box is suitable for connection in the terminal room of the structural fiber optic cable. The structure is mature, the seal is reliable, and the construction is convenient. Widely used in communications, network systems, CATV cable TV, fiber optic cable network systems, and more. The right side is a two-in and two-out connector box;

It is used for protective connection and fiber distribution between two or more optical cables. It is one of the commonly used devices for user access points. It mainly completes the connection between the distribution cable and the incoming cable, and can be connected according to FTTX. Need to install a box or simple optical splitter

1. Support frame: It is the main body of internal components.

2. Optical cable fixing device: used for fixing the optical cable and the base and fixing the optical cable reinforcing component. The first is the fixing of the cable reinforcement core inside; the second is the fixing of the cable and the support frame; the third is that the cable and the connector box are sealed and fixed by the heat shrinkable jacket.

3. Fiber-optic placement device: The fiber-optic connector and the remaining fiber can be stored in sequence. The length of the remaining fiber should be no less than 1 meter, and the remaining fiber diameter of the fiber-optic disk should be no less than 35mm. The storage tray can be four layers, the capacity is large, and the storage tray can be adjusted according to the number of cores connected by the optical cable.

4, fiber optic connector protection: the heat-shrinkable protective sleeve placed on the core holder in the receiving tray can also be used to fix the silicone.

5. Sealing the optical cable and the joint box: sand the joint between the joint box and the optical cable with the abrasive cloth on the cable and the base cable, wipe the sanding place with the cleaning agent, paste the aluminum foil, and place the heat shrinkable tube in the joint box. At the entrance of the cable, the burner is slowly heated according to the middle and rear ends, so that the entire heat-shrinkable tube can be completely contracted.

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