Grim CEO's Confused Girlfriend
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Grim CEO's Confused Girlfriend

Posted By Lopez Lopez     October 10, 2022    


Xu Kaihan bent his head and put his lips on her lips, and the tip of his tongue kept pestering her. He Yueya uttered a groan in her mouth, and she gasped, feeling that there was a fire on her body that could not be vented. Xu Kaihan separated her legs. He knew she was shy, so he comforted her with a smile. "Xiaoya, don't be afraid. Give me your confidence." He Yueya heard the voice that made her feel at ease, breathed a sigh of relief, and gave her to him, to the person who loved her. Xu Kaihan slowly pushed his firmness to her, and as he entered, he Yueya suddenly felt as if she had been torn apart, and she couldn't help crying out in pain. Don't be cold. Does it hurt? Sprout. Xu Kaihan slowed down the speed of the push, he bent down, kissed her lips, distressed kiss off her tears because of pain. He felt that the person under him was obviously relaxed a lot, and the firm and slow rhythm buried in her body began to move. In his rhythm,Agate Slabs Countertops, he Yueya only felt a strong pleasure that made him more and more excited. He Yueya, who experienced the taste of lust for the first time, changed from a girl to a woman under the leadership of Xu Kaihan. Xu Kaihan gently looked at the tired person sleeping in his arms, he felt that he was surrounded by happiness, she was finally his own, really did not expect that he would be in the living room sofa on her. Xu Kaihan got up and picked up the suit and trousers on the ground and put them on his body casually. He bent down and picked up He Yueya and went to the bathroom on the second floor. He was ready to help her take a bath and wake her up for dinner. Otherwise,Marble Granite Price, he would miss the time for dinner again. Seeing her sleeping so soundly, he really couldn't bear to wake her up. It seemed that he had really exhausted her. Chapter 19 "Bud, get up and go to the company." Xu Kaihan gently shook He Yueya who was still sleeping soundly. Last night really consumed her too much energy, even the dinner was in a daze and did not finish a mouthful. Xu Kaihan turned around and packed her clothes in plastic bags, then took her out of bed with her quilt and walked out. Xu Kaihan took her from the garage to the exclusive elevator leading to his office, put her on the bed in the lounge, and turned to go out. Sprout, come on, drink this glass of milk and go back to sleep. Xu Kaihan coaxed He Yueya to sleep in a daze. Looking at her now, she knew that it was impossible for her to have breakfast, but at least she had to drink the glass of milk in his hand, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,Calacatta Nano Glass, otherwise she would have a stomachache again. He Yueya drank the cup in a daze. Xu Kaihan looked at the cup with satisfaction and gently put her back on the bed. Knock, knock, knock "Yueya, look what I brought you." Xu Zhenghao came in without waiting for the door this time, with a bag of things in his hand. Dad, why are you here again? Xu Kaihan asked his father with a happy face. I'm not looking for you this time. I'm looking for Yueya. What about the crescent moon? Xu Zhenghao searched the office with his eyes, but still did not find the target. She's sleeping in the back lounge. Xu Kaihan said to his father who was looking around. Oh Xu Zhenghao is a little disappointed, I thought I could see that girl today, a few days did not see, strange miss her, who knows since she is still sleeping. What can I do for you? Xu Kaihan looked at his father, and if there was nothing important, he didn't want to wake her up. It was your mother who asked me to send her Yueya's favorite raisins, which your mother asked someone to bring back from other places. Xu Zhenghao held up the bag in his hand and said to him. Oh, thank you and mom. Xu Kaihan looked at his father gratefully, and he was really touched by their concern for He Yueya. Kai Han, what's wrong with you? How on the face, on the mouth, and on the neck all seem to have been bitten like ah? Xu Zhenghao looked at his son's miserable appearance and asked him. It's all right, Dad. Xu Kaihan felt embarrassed and touched his face. It shouldn't be. "No, Dad, please go back quickly." Xu Kaihan urged his father. Really, haven't you taught Yueya how to kiss people for so long? Xu Zhenghao embarrassed his son. Stop laughing and go back. Xu Kaihan didn't want to discuss the issue with his father, so he hoped he would leave soon. Kaihan, you ate the moon bud. Xu Zhenghao asked him expectantly, and if the answer was yes, he would hurry back to tell his wife the good news. Xu Kaihan knew that his father's curiosity was as difficult as a child's, so he turned and walked back to his desk and ignored him. You're blushing. I'm sure you are. I'm going to go back and tell your mother the great news. Xu Zhenghao said happily. It's really strange that I'm not an adolescent boy and it's not the first time I've had sex with a woman. How can I blush? Dad is really right. He used to have sex with so many women, but he's not so happy. Why did he eat that confused egg today, but he's happy like a child? I really don't understand him. Xiaoya, why didn't you bring the necklace I gave you? Xu Kaihan asked He Yueya, who was sleeping in his arms. Because I have a jade pendant around my neck. "You can take it off and take the necklace I gave you." Xu Kaihan was extremely dissatisfied with her answer, since the necklace he gave her was not as good as an old jade pendant. No way He Yueya firmly refused him. Why not? Xu Kaihan was a little angry. Because this jade pendant and the bracelet you picked up are very important to me. I can't take it off. He Yueya said to him in a depressed mood. Since it's so important to you, I'll buy something else for you tomorrow. "Han, can you give me back that bracelet?" He Yueya asked him. Anyway, I've kept it for you for so long, so you can give it to me as a token of love for me,White Marble Mosaic, OK? Xu Kaihan asked her softly in her ear. All right, I'll give it to you as a token of love. He Yueya promised to give him his most important bracelet as a love object. Anyway, the jade pendant was still there. She quietly held the jade pendant hanging in front of her chest with her hand.