There is a ghost husband in the family: pestering a little wife
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There is a ghost husband in the family: pestering a little wife

Posted By Lopez Lopez     October 10, 2022    


I washed briefly, changed my clothes and just went out, and the room not far away was opened. Lord Shi walked over with a leisurely step. When he saw me, he was surprised and said, "Summer, did you wake up so soon?"? Eh.. Your breath is so strange. "What is the automatic repair?" It was seen through at a glance! Startled, I said with a casual smile, "I didn't have a big problem, but I was too sleepy after a few days of tiredness, so I went to sleep without resistance." Lord Shi threw me a look that you don't have to explain. I understand: "OK, OK, you can wake up. Yesterday, that guy kept urging me to ask you to go back quickly. Old man Zhou kept bothering him and said he wanted to see you." Old man Zhou! Half a month has passed in the blink of an eye. I am a disciple of Ziyang in name, but I haven't returned to Ziyang because of something. Old man Zhou must be worried.. I nodded, just turned around, and found that I can't fly with a sword, can I jump down? "Lord Shi..". That one Can you take me to Ziyang? Embarrassed, I smiled at Lord Shi. Lord Shi waved his paws and saw Liao Yin coming with the food. He licked his mouth with his big tongue and said, "Yes, but I have to eat first. I'll send you after I finish eating." "Good!" Into the room, I ate something with Lord Shi, but with this guy,Jumping castle with slide, I didn't eat a few mouthfuls at all, and he swept it away with the wind and clouds. After he was satisfied and touched his round belly, he took me away from Kongling Peak. The entry method of Kongling Peak is very simple. Kongling has taught me. As long as I find the eye of the array, I can open it by using the method. However, this formation eye will change according to time, so we must keep the formation eye and time firmly in mind. Soon, Lord Shi took me to Ziyang, but before we could land,Inflatable water park factory, a red-faced old man rushed out of the cottage on the top of the mountain. Summer! You even know to come back! Old Zhou stared at me angrily, but when he saw Lord Shi, he was suddenly stunned. He immediately folded his fists and said, "Zhou Tian has seen Lord Shi." Lord Shi nodded proudly and said to me casually, "I'll go back first. After you finish your work in Kongling Peak, you and Kongling will come to Shuge directly to find me.." Split the soul, this kind of thing is to lose your life, so you have to find a quiet place where you can't be disturbed. And Shuge is more suitable than Konglingfeng. Seeing me nodding, Lord Shi left directly in the air, and I folded my fists awkwardly at the old man Zhou, whose face was not very friendly, and said, "Unfilial son, I've seen Shifu." "Unfilial children?"? You remember I'm your master! Did you become the leader of Kongling Peak and look down on Ziyang? I've been looking for Wushi five or six times, but you just came back now.. "Zhou Tian first scolded me angrily, Inflatable outdoor park ,inflatable amusement park, then changed the subject," You've been staying in Konglingfeng these days? Just now Lord Shi asked you to go to the Book Pavilion to find him. What are you looking for him for? Um.. Old man Zhou has a lot of problems. 。 I hesitated, old man Zhou is my master no matter how to say, this kind of life and death matters do not say to him, it seems a bit unreasonable. Master, go in and talk. I pointed to the cottage, and I had a plan in mind. Hum! I had thought about it today. If you don't come back, I'll expel you from the school! Old man Zhou gave me a white look and waved his big hand. "Let's go." Into the cottage, I do not wait for old man Zhou to ask, take the initiative to say: "In fact..". I recently found a way to make up for the loss of that soul. It's just that the method is a little dangerous.. Old man Zhou stared at me in amazement. As soon as I told him about the way Lord Shi had taught me to split my soul and how the ethereal spirit had taught me to refine my own body, old man Zhou's face became more and more incredible and embarrassed. After hearing this, he flew into a rage and pointed at me and shouted, "Summer!"! Are you crazy?! The stone lion was a famous madman in Shushan, and no one wanted to touch him. And ethereal, this guy can do such a thing, is also a madman, you actually entangled with two madmen, they fooled two words, want to follow crazy? I don't know how many people have tried the method of dividing souls in the upper world for tens of thousands of years, but I haven't heard of any successful people, and what about you? You listen to that stone lion to say two crazy words to want to try, is not flying to make oneself out of one's wits to be willing?! I am very embarrassed to smile, although thought about the old man Zhou's reaction after knowing this, but did not expect him to be really angry. However The angrier he gets It also shows that the more he cares about me, the more touched he is. Zhou Tiantian swore again, blushed and shouted a few words. He took my hand and muttered that he wanted to settle accounts with Lord Shi. I was so anxious that I pulled old man Zhou hurriedly. Master, think about it carefully. Is there any other way I can try besides dividing the soul? I said with all my heart. Old man Zhou blew his beard and stared. The wrinkles on his forehead twisted into pimples. He glared at me and said, "How?"? There are a lot of elixirs to repair the soul, even if the teacher is desperate, he will help you find a way! Even if there are any drawbacks after the repair, it's better than being scared out of your wits! "But.." I clenched my teeth and could hardly say, "My life span is only two hundred years, which is just a snap of a finger for you, for the master, for any false immortal in the upper world. You think, I die before you, even if you pass on to me, what is the use? What difference does it make to mend this soul or not? With a black face, old man Zhou seemed to be somewhat moved. I stepped up my efforts and said, "Lord Shi's method is certainly dangerous, but only a dangerous method can make my soul complete. As long as I have three souls and seven souls, I will have the capital to continue to practice and break the destiny of two hundred years.". Master, I have been fighting with the sky, if one day I really die, I will never regret it! After saying the last sentence, I felt much more relaxed. In the past, I didn't have the determination, but now,Inflatable dry slide, I want to fight to the death. Old man Zhou froze in place. After a long time, he looked up at me and sighed helplessly, "I'm afraid you'll die as soon as I accept you as an apprentice..". Then I'm not. ...”。