Introducing a mechanical bathroom scale

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Introducing a mechanical bathroom scale

Posted By zheng tai     July 28, 2020    


The mechanical bathroom scale is composed of a weighing platform, a chassis, a weight indicating dial, a force transmission mechanism, and a veneer. The main material is cold-rolled thin steel plate, and the weight unit kg/lb is optional.

The product has sturdy structure, reliable performance, compact and beautiful appearance, light weight and practicality, low price and good quality. It is a basic weight measuring appliance for modern healthy families. OEM scales and advertising scales can also be customized for users.

Product Details:

Maximum weighing capacity: 120kg/265lb.

Graduation value: 1kg/0.2lb.

Display mode: mechanical spring dial pointer.

Weight unit: kg/lb control optional.

Weighing platform size: 22x25cm.

Packing size: 48x28x25cm, 10 sets/carton.

Net/Gross weight: 12kg/13kg.

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