Avoid heavy impact on the electronic scale

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Avoid heavy impact on the electronic scale

Posted By zheng tai     August 11, 2020    


Under normal circumstances, the replacement rate of electronic scales is about 2 to 3 years. All electronic products need to be used for a long time is maintenance. In order to reduce costs and maximize the life of electronic scales, the essence is to rely on details. Maintenance, do the following five major maintenance items:

1. Keep the whole electronic scale clean:

The electronic scale is a kind of precise measuring instrument to keep the whole machine clean, which is of great significance for extending the service life of the base and improving the measuring accuracy. It is necessary to keep all parts of the electronic scale free of dust and oil to prevent rust, and it should be cleaned and cleaned in time when used in harsh environments such as dusty and corrosive gases. For truck scales and small floor scales with foundation pits, clean the platform in time, and no foreign matter is stuck around the weighing platform.

2. Do not disassemble the parts on the electronic scale at will:

During the normal use of the electronic scale, do not disassemble the parts on the electronic scale at will, let alone disassemble the sensor and the integrated circuit on the circuit board and other components. The necessary maintenance must be carried out by the relevant technicians to prevent the expansion of the fault.

3. Avoid violent pushing, collision and impact force of the electronic scale:

The electronic scale is composed of many electronic components, such as display devices, sensors and so on. When the electronic scale is subjected to severe external forces, these components may be damaged, causing the electronic scale to malfunction. To avoid strong collisions between the scale body and other objects, the scale should be handled with care, carefully managed, and not exposed to strong sunlight for a long time to prevent unnecessary losses. When the scale is fixed in a place with severe vibration, vibration reduction measures should be taken to avoid affecting its reliability. For scales with slopes, please do not brake suddenly on the platform. Scales that work outdoors should also be waterproof and moisture-proof and lightning-proof.

4. Electronic scale management:

Electronic scales are precision instruments. It is recommended that users formulate necessary management systems, implement special personnel, special management, and special use, establish necessary use and maintenance records, and do not need to store them at fixed locations for long periods of time, prevent moisture, dust, and sun.

5. The battery (group) should be charged in time:

The battery (group) equipped with the electronic scale is a rechargeable battery with limited capacity. When it is not used for a long time or when the under-power indicator is displayed during work, the battery should be charged in time to avoid excessive battery discharge and affect battery life. Strong recommendation: Lead-acid batteries should be charged at least once a month.

It is not without problems to increase the utilization rate of electronic scales for ten years. For the time being, whether it is imported or domestic, as long as you master the maintenance of electronic scales, it will be no problem to increase the utilization rate of electronic scales for three years. For more information, please contact us: electronic scale factory.