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Lattice is also a term that Ober learned in the Book of Memory. Any law array will have an array diagram when it is established, and the center of the array diagram is the crucial eye of the array. The points formed by the intersection of lines in other places are called lattice points. The array point is the hub that fuses the forces of the sacrificial bodies to the eye of the array when the array is running. Although the position of the array point is not as important as the eye of the array, if the eye is damaged, the whole array will fail, but it is a necessary point for the array. Any array point can have a path to the eye. Ober wants to go to the eye to make trouble. Then you have to go through a certain lattice to find this place. Obviously, the fishing pier was also a lattice; but judging from the damage to the two street lamps, 。 The caster abandoned the point to ensure that the eye was not found, and now the only place Ober knew to lead to the eye was the second floor of the Lion King Hotel. It seems that the caster only pays attention to collecting class representatives, but forgets the power of the child spirit. The Book of Memories says. Child spirits are the smallest souls in the world. No container can imprison them completely. Usually, after a long time, child spirits will leak out slowly like wine in a missing barrel. The child spirit can break up the whole into parts, the body may not be able to escape, but he can divide the soul into several small pieces and leak out little by little. It seems that the lattice on the second floor must have become an omission of those children's spirits. As long as I can get through this place,Precision steel tubes, I will be able to find the seat of the eye. Ober was now standing in the middle of the messy room, a little nervous. It would have been best if Blues seniors could come together, but he was injured again. Look at the senior who is like a mummy now. Action is not convenient, but also how to go through the array to destroy the eye? So Ober decided to act on his own. But it's easier said than done. How to pass the lattice? If the secret door had appeared at this time, Ober would have been killed, but fortunately with the guidance of the Book of Memory. Camouflage. Since the caster has collected so many child spirits,impact beam tubes, and they can enter and exit from this array, can't I also enter and exit as long as I disguise myself as these child spirits? The Book of Memory teaches Ober a strange camouflage spell called "seventy-two changes", which is said to be invented by an old scholar. It sounds childish, but it is very convenient and powerful to use. It can transform anyone into the seventy-two forms closest to their essence. Ober is also a child. It must be very possible for him to become a child spirit. Look at my seventy-two changes. Ober then called out the spell. Although a little funny, but with a splash, suddenly the whole body turned into a translucent appearance, like a piece of transparent glass, an Ober turned into a child spirit. Thump! Then in the corner of the room, two candlesticks, aluminium coated steel tube ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, which had fallen to the ground, lit up by themselves. The lights are on again. The door is coming out. Buzz! This time the door was not as horrible as it was at the fishing pier. It was just as dark inside, but there were no terrible arms or sickles. The law array must use a complete sacrificial body. Now I am disguised as a child spirit, and most of the sorcerers dare not hurt me if I have any damage. He must be very distressed. Auber was a little pleased, but more nervous. "It's about to go in the door. I don't know what's behind it." Slowly, Ober dared to squeeze his body into the darkness of the secret door. Hum, when Ober disappeared completely through the door. The secret door closed and the two candlesticks on the floor went out. At that moment, suddenly a figure appeared at the door of the room that should not have appeared. The Blues leaned against the door and looked at the place where Ober disappeared, with an evil smile on his lips. Volume II Iron-blooded Han Camp Chapter 113 New Enemy Updated: 2010-12-3 22:24:07 Words in this Chapter: 2563 Near the southeast of the Shelah Naboo Land, there appeared the Bubo Six of the Regiment of Ming Preface. After the turmoil on Mount Tumu, the remaining Iron Battalion soldiers set up a temporary camp here. There are tall shade trees here. This tree. The foliage is luxuriant and broad, like a natural tent. Many people come here to escape the annoying rain, and the southeast terrain is still relatively high, so there will be no water to flood in. At this time, the cloth fat was carrying a medicine bag and came to a soldier. The soldier was pushed off the cliff by the mob in the riot of the protruding mountain, and his legs were broken, and he was lying on the ground in pain. Looks like we need two more planks. Bu Pang ran to the nearby woods and broke off a very thick branch, then cut it into pieces of wood with a knife. Prepare to tie it to the soldier's leg. Hum When the two pieces of wood were tied to the soldier's legs, Bu Pang obviously felt the other side bounce. It was obviously painful, but even so, the soldier did not cry out. The soldier's leg bone was quickly straightened by Bu Pang. Then he tied the leggings and said, All right. That's it for now: it may hurt a little at first, but you should be fine if you don't move. The soldier Lu nodded. Lying down leaning against a tree trunk. At this moment cloth fat asks suddenly: "Excuse me this senior.". Are you from the seventh battalion? The soldier nodded and said, "Yes.". That's right. My name is Kane Bu Pang immediately asked, "So you are senior Kane. I heard that you take good care of Ober. Do you know where he is now?" Kane looked at Bu Pang. Then he shook his head gently and said, "I don't know.". The mountain was too chaotic at that time. When I fell off the cliff, I was unconscious, and when I woke up, I was here. I don't know where he is now, but he was silent, and then he suddenly stood up and walked out of the woods. Brutarus, where are you going? Bu Pang looked back in surprise. "Do you know my name?" Kane laughed and said,side impact door beams, "There are few people who have a good relationship with Ober. How can I not know you? And now you are the rarest knight in the five battalions. Darian used to praise you a lot in front of our officers." "Now that you know my relationship with Ober, you should know what I'm going to do now," said Bu Pang. Then he went out again. cbiesautomotive.com