Male partner: He is cold and heartless [wear quickly]
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Male partner: He is cold and heartless [wear quickly]

Posted By Goncalves Goncalves     October 13, 2022    


Moreover, the fame of the seas run dry and the rocks crumble is so much worse than that of the stars last night. Although the two people claimed to be brothers during the live broadcast, they could still hear that they had a close relationship with each other. And at the bottom of the first text, the trumpet of the seas run dry and rocks crumble is also exposed. Although the photos of women's clothes in the trumpet have no face, they are also analyzed with reason. It is said that it was provided by a college classmate, and those photos are attached to the back part of the second long picture. It is said that the seas run dry and the rocks crumble. When I was in college, I had a hobby of wearing women's clothes, and I often cheated my seniors and juniors by relying on my good face. His behavior was very bad, and he finally expressed his love to the girl he liked and was rejected before he was restrained. If the seas didn't run dry and the rocks crumbled, I'd almost believe it. Haiku is simply stunned, this true and false are all mixed together, if not the parties, Haiku is really difficult to distinguish between true and false. What the fuck I almost believed what I said. How could this man be so stupid? Last night, the stars were about to explode. He had never had a scandal when he was an anchor for so many years. This time, there was an explosive one. Sorry ah, "see last night star irascible face, the sea dry some guilt," as if I have been helping you drag into the water, or.. " "Stop!" Last night the stars knocked on the table, "although I am very angry, but this really can not blame you, it does not matter, anyway, I have not fired CP fans, now want to send, then I dare to forward, I see whose heat is higher, who is the final beneficiary." Because of the topic of last night's stars, there are also many fans commenting on this Weibo. Last night, I looked through the stars, and the overall comments were quite harmonious, but there were still a few that were particularly disgusting, and a few that said they wanted to take off their fans and step back. But can only rely on other people's words to say such words, such fans last night stars also disdain. It turns out that you are disdainful of these means to increase their fame, but just feel that their bottom line has been challenged, last night the stars also threw caution to the wind, gnashing their teeth to forward. [Last Night's Stars V] Surprise! Do you have a crush on me? So this is the way to stop me from finding a girlfriend? @ [The seas run dry and the rocks crumble V] Come and watch. //@ [Gossip Queen V]: Surprise!!! When the popular game anchor last night, the stars were actually. [Picture] [Picture] "Since she wants to play, let's play with her. If my more than 1 million fans can't beat her 400,000 zombie fans, then I don't need this face." The mood became comfortable in an instant. Last night, beam impact tubes ,aluminium coated tubes, the stars patted Haiku on the shoulder. "Since I want to give you a big hug, I will give you a big hug. I will take you to pretend to be forced to fly. You go to forward it and bring you up the wave of powder. The so-called" neither black nor fire ", our psychological quality should be strong." The sea dry moment some moved, in the final analysis, these things are because of their own, last night the stars only because of staying with themselves were affected. When I read this book before, I felt that the man's three outlooks were very positive and loyal. At that time, I thought that a girl like the woman was not worthy of the man, and now I feel even more so. The feeling of someone standing behind is really good, the sea is very touched, although the body is hanging from the woman's side to copy the tolerance of Goldfinger, but do not know this Goldfinger, the available range is only their own or say with friends around. If only oneself, that sea dry also won't put last night stars to be blackened by others there, the other side is a loyal person, that oneself also also want to have loyalty, "good!"! Now that we have come to this point, we don't care. Let's go to rehearse first. Don't you have a live broadcast tonight? Let's wait and see what happens in the comments section. Put down the mobile phone, everything around the same as quiet, micro-blog in the bloody storm they do not care, until last night the stars in the afternoon to step on the end, they did not return to the hotel. Simply tidied himself up, last night the stars opened the live broadcast room, Haiku ordered takeout on the edge, lowered his head, Haiku did not see that the stars had entered the live broadcast room last night, "Do you want milk tea?"? Or do you want to drink beer? "Drink milk tea. Don't drink beer first. Hey, don't talk first. I'm opening a live studio." Although it had been stopped, the people squatting inside had already exploded. -Ah! Ah! Ah! I heard a boy's voice! Is it really that? Oh my God Although this CP is a bit easy to knock, I still want to wait for confirmation! "Hey, hey." Last night, the stars smiled and waved to the sea. "Those who must be squatting here must have visited Weibo, but who is this person beside me?"? We can't announce it now. The correct answer will be after 7:00 tomorrow morning, so everything we say now is not counted. "Cough ~" cleared his throat, Haiku raised his voice again, "as for what is my identity in the end? You guess ~ The young lady is really beautiful and has a nice voice. -Ah! Ah! Ah! I got it! Xiaohai! Mama, you're not allowed to wear women's clothes! I tell you with years of experience of old fans! This man is Xiaohai! Don't say, I'm going to answer the correct answer, tomorrow's gift is contracted by me! …… There are more and more voices of discussion under the comments, probably with the golden finger of tolerance, scolding seems to be relatively small, only a few discordant, which is also quickly brushed down. Seeing that the situation was still under control, last night the star continued to say,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, "Friends who guessed the correct answer should not be exposed under the comments. You should know that everyone who answered correctly has a gift. If you expose it like this, I will be finished. Also, my program tomorrow is after 8:00 in the morning. There will be special guests coming. You can look forward to it." 。