Wesley 051 (Heavenly Book)
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Wesley 051 (Heavenly Book)

Posted By Goncalves Goncalves     October 13, 2022    


As I looked at them, I lost my voice and said, "That ring!" Zusky looked very nervous. "What do you mean by that ring?" I can not help but angry and funny, pointing to the ring: "I said this ring, many years ago, I gave Miss Kiddo that one!" " Lian Lun's voice also changed a little because of nervousness. "Please take a closer look," he said. As he spoke, he presented the ring to me, and I reached out and took it out of the box. "I'm sure, absolutely." I said this, and the next word, "Yes," stopped abruptly before I could say it. By this time, I had seen the ring more clearly. When the ring was in my hand, I had observed it carefully. I have not only noticed the breathtaking beauty of the ruby, but also carefully observed the "support" of the ring. The "support" of the ring was cast with great delicacy, and the ruby was supported by a pair of delicate wings, so small that even the lines of feathers could be recognized. At this time, the ring in my hand, no doubt,Manual Flush Valve, is the one I gave Gina, or I should say, the "hold" of the ring, has not changed at all. But I could not hold back the shock of the ruby, so that my own hands trembled a little. That ruby, I really do not know how to describe it, at this time,Flush Retrofit Kit, I just suddenly blurted out: "God!"! This ruby is dead! I use the word "dead" to describe a gem, and anyone who has not experienced it personally will feel very funny, and even can not help laughing. However, I really can't use the second word to describe that ruby. Anyone who has seen this ruby before and now sees it again will agree with me from the bottom of their hearts! At least, at this time, Lien Lun and Zusky agreed very much. As soon as they heard me say this, they couldn't help nodding. That ruby, originally is so crystal clear, although only a small piece, but when you gaze at it, it is like gradually placing yourself in a blood-red sea. That kind of luster and beauty is really amazing. But now, what is that one on top of such a beautiful ring holder? It was just a red stone, not only lusterless, but also solid, Stainless Steel Trough Urinal ,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, not transparent at all, and even many gray spots could be seen. To be honest, it's not a gem at all, and if it is, then I should say that I've never seen such a bad gem! I collected myself. "Gentlemen, this ring." As I spoke, I took a few more magnifying glasses and examined the ring itself carefully. Then I continued, "The ring must be the original one, but the ruby has been changed!" Lien Lun and Zusky looked at each other. Lien Lun took out his handkerchief and wiped his sweat. "Mr. Wei," he said, "please look again." "Why?" I shouted? Anyone can see that this ruby is not worth half a penny! I believe that if someone came to you with a ring like this, you would throw him out! "Yes, but," said Lian Lun with a wry smile, he looked at Zusky again as if asking for help. Zusky said, "Please understand the facts from the beginning.". One day, Miss Kidu came to the company and asked to see the person in charge of the company. Mr. Lian Lun received her. She explained the purpose of her visit and took out the ruby ring. Mr. Lian Lun had been engaged in the jewelry industry for more than 20 years. He could see at a glance that the ring she took out was a rare and rare ruby in the world. Big is impatient: "I have no doubt about Mr. Lian Lun's ability to identify gems, can you say what happened simply?" Who knows Zusky this guy actually said: "No, you must understand all the procedures, in order to understand the whole thing strange!" " I stared at him, and if I hadn't mentioned "weird" at the end, I would have stood up and left. Since things are "weird", I might as well listen to him slowly from the beginning. I took a cigarette, lit it, and leaned back on the sofa to make myself comfortable. Zusky said, "Although Mr. Lien Lun saw at a glance that it was a rare treasure, he still used the instrument to measure the gem according to the procedure.". Notice that the stone was never removed from the ring at the time of the survey, for the setting was not only beautiful, but also secure, and you can see that it is not easy to remove the stone! I nodded, and then Mr. Lian Lun, who was constantly wiping his sweat, continued to speak. The more he seemed to perspire, or the more nervous he became, the more he spoke in a nasal voice that sounded like a swarm of bees swirling in his throat. Mr. Lian Lun said, "Our instruments and testing equipment are the most advanced in the world.". The result of the examination is that everything about this ruby meets the most stringent requirements. In other words, it's a perfect, flawless ruby! I "hum": "It is originally, why to use what instrument to examine again!" Mr. Lian Lun ignored me. "When I was sure of the quality of the gemstone, I began to negotiate the price.". Originally, in this procedure, the gemstone should be removed from the ring, so that we can know its exact weight. But I think the ring itself is extremely beautiful. And since the quality of the gem is so unique, the size and weight are not a problem, so I did not do that. Here,Flush valve price, after a pause, he went on: "Please note that the stone never left the ring." I still did not understand why he was so emphatic, so I had to nod to show that I had noticed. cnkexin.com