Tips For Adjusting Temperature Control Of Solar DC Freezer
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    • Last updated August 5, 2020
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Tips For Adjusting Temperature Control Of Solar DC Freezer

Posted By bai ling     August 5, 2020    


If there is a Solar DC Freezer in the store, it should also have a rest time. In normal times, we should change the temperature in the freezer according to the season, so that it can be kept in good condition. Because it has a suitable temperature in every season, it must be adjusted frequently. The temperature control in the cabinet should be changed according to the seasons. Adjusting the temperature control is actually adjusting the temperature difference coefficient. Generally, the greater the temperature difference between inside and outside the cabinet, the smaller the adjustment of temperature control coefficient. On the contrary, the smaller the temperature difference between inside and outside the cabinet, the greater the adjustment of temperature control coefficient.

The temperature of the solar DC freezer should be lower than -18℃, and the temperature of the refrigerating room should be between 1-10℃. Generally, the temperature controllers on the cabinet are located outside the cabinet body, which can be adjusted in the low gear between 1-3 gears in summer, and in the middle gear in spring and autumn, which can be adjusted appropriately in winter. At the same time, turn on the temperature compensation switch in winter, but don't forget to turn off this switch when the temperature warms up, otherwise it will cost a lot of electricity. When the room temperature is lower than 10℃, the thermostat should be set to "6". 7 is a bit. After adjusting the quick-frozen state in the cabinet, it needs to be transferred back after use, otherwise it will not stop working. If you want to save trouble, just set the thermostat in the middle gear.

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