How do water filters work?
    • Last updated October 19, 2022
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How do water filters work?

Posted By think waternz     October 19, 2022    


Contaminants in water create health risks. Therefore, an appropriate method of water filtration must be implemented. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), access to clean water and sanitisation is still identified as a risk.


In order to get rid of all sorts of microbiological and chemical pollution, it is important to invest in the best quality water filter for home.


When it comes to purification, the most popular name is ultraviolet filtration, whereas recently Ultra Z filtration has become a buzzword. On the other hand, many are also familiar with Reverse Osmosis technology which removes contaminants from water. Someone who is buying a water filter for the first time can feel overwhelmed by this terminology. Therefore, the post provides a comprehensive discussion of water filtration methods and useful insight into the most efficient purification technology.


Water filtration technology

In simple words, the technique used in the majority of water filters is to physically remove contaminants from water.


When water passes through a media, the density of the screen-like object stops contaminants. The size of the screen or the pores can be used to measure the filtration performance of a model.


Types of water filtration systems 


There are different types of filter media used by popular brands of water purifiers.


  1. Charcoal filters: These include carbon activated filter cartridges that work best for the absorption of sediments. The filtration system is extensively used by the renowned brand Davey which has a complete line of carbon block combination filters, multipurpose carbon filtration, and poly pleated carbon filtration system. The available range includes sediment filters for the whole house filtration system ranging from 1-50 microns. These cartridges are compatible to be used in fridge water filters, rainwater filter kits and caravan filters.
  2. Reverse Osmosis (RO): It is a two stage filtration process in which water passes through a semipermeable membrane with force. Then the purified water goes through the activated charcoal filtration process. The dual stage helps in the removal of contaminants, bad taste and odour from water.


For significant reduction of lead, chemicals and minerals, the Microlene range of RO purifiers from Davey is considered the best in the market. Their advanced RO K2 filtration system features a unique 5 stage filtration process suitable for both chlorinated and non-chlorinated supplies.


  1. Ultraviolet (UV) filtration system: It is a unique and innovative technology for killing contaminants and pathogens with UV rays. Chemical disinfectants can effectively kill bacteria but they leave a weird taste to water. On the other hand, the UV filtration system, when combined with other filtration methods, can get rid of dangerous pathogens and provide clean and odour free drinking water.

Davey is a recognised name for ensuring continuous clean, fresh and safe drinking water through RCM and Watermark Certified UV filtration systems. The brand features the most innovative 3 stage UV filtration systems for undersink water filters and sleek countertop water filters. The easy to install systems are available with a limited 10 year warranty.




There are different methods of water filtration available. For a comprehensive solution, it is best to choose a product that combines multiple purification techniques. To find a suitable option for your water filtration needs, discuss your requirements with the experts at Think Water. They specialise in water filtration and treatment services and are recognised as the leading supplier of water filter systems and many others.