The special feature of villa elevator

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The special feature of villa elevator

Posted By Web star     August 11, 2020    


villa elevator are also called household elevators, which are elevators installed in private residences and only used by a single family member. It can also be installed in buildings that are not used by a single family as a tool for a single family to enter their residence. The public or other residents in the property cannot enter and use.

  1. Routine maintenance and regular maintenance are required when using villa elevators.

Routine maintenance is to observe, inspect, and simply test the equipment and its operating status through the eyes, ears, nose, hands, and body of the maintenance personnel to find and solve the signs of failure in time. Routine maintenance is usually carried out once every two weeks. Regular maintenance involves detailed inspection, repair, replacement, and adjustment of certain parts of the equipment in operation, so that the inspected parts meet the necessary standards, and fundamentally guarantee the internal quality of the equipment. Regular maintenance is generally carried out once a month.

  1. The control system of villa elevators is generally divided into two types: PLC control system and microcomputer control system.

PLC control programmable logic controller is mainly used in the early industrial field, and it is also the main control method of elevators. At present, only simple freight elevators in the elevator field also use PLC control systems in large quantities; microcomputer control systems mainly appeared in the 1980s Later, it is the main control system for passenger elevators, and villa elevators generally use this sophisticated microcomputer control system.

  1. The door opening methods of villa elevators usually include hand-pull type and automatic door type.

The structure of the hand-pulled door is similar to the commonly used door in our house, except that the door lock linkage device is added. At the same time, the hand-pulled door has no car door protection design, objectively there is a safety hazard; the automatic door is the same as the Passenger Elevator Factory, with a car door and The hall door is double protected. Villa elevators usually choose side-opening automatic doors, so as to save the construction area to the greatest extent and use the width of the villa elevator shaft.