What Are Important For Custom Fastener And Screw Option
    • Last updated October 31, 2022
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What Are Important For Custom Fastener And Screw Option

Posted By keneng keneng     October 31, 2022    


Manufacturing industries rely on custom fasteners in the design and production of different products. Custom screws and fasteners are key in ensuring that all parts of your product are tightly-held in place even when under heavy usage. They come in different shapes, sizes and are made from different materials, which makes them suitable for different applications. Custom fasteners are utilized in construction, electronics, medical devices, agriculture, transportation, and automotive industries.

custom fastener manufacturer

Custom Fastener Solutions

You can only rely on custom fasteners manufacturers to supply you with all the fastener options you need. Thanks to custom screw specialists, you can now order custom fasteners and custom set screws that are tailor-made for your products. You don’t have to settle for less and go with the standard screw options that you find in the market. Utilizing custom made screws and fasteners in the manufacture of your products boosts the overall quality and performance of the product.

The right choice of custom screws can be the difference between optimum production and perennial losses. It can also have an impact on the safety of equipment and staff in the plant.

1.Corrosion and the Stainless Steel Screw

The strength of your custom set screws is important but not as significant as other features such as resistance to corrosion. Depending on your application, you can prevent corrosion by using stainless steel bolt fasteners.

If there is the presence of chlorides and the equipment is subject to stress, it can cause corrosion cracking. Cracks are the most problematic aspects of the corrosive effect caused by chlorides. Otherwise, some technicians choose to ignore corrosion as long as its effect is only visual.

2.Corrosion and the Stainless Steel Screw

The strength of your custom set screws is important but not as significant as other features such as resistance to corrosion. Depending on your application, you can prevent corrosion by using stainless steel fasteners.

3.Protective Coating

One way industries can ensure their custom set screws have the right level of corrosion protection, is through plating. A protective layer of Zinc or cadmium is added to the stainless steel custom fastener to reduce the risk of SCC.

The other problem is that in industrial plants, the stainless steel will also be subjected to high temperatures. Unfortunately, Cadmium and Zinc have melting points low enough to be affected by intensive manufacturing processes.

4.Zinc-Nickel Electroplating

If you require custom set screws and fasteners for high-temperature applications, Nickel-plating is another option. Nickel can handle high temperatures while providing exceptional wear and corrosion resistance.

Another advantage of Nickel is that it can be combined with other elements such as boron, manganese, and tin to form a custom alloy. Different alloys can be chosen, depending on

whether you are aiming for conductivity, strength, or corrosion resistance.

If you are looking for a machine screw for industrial purposes, take time to consider its suitability to your application.

How do you know that you are trusting the right custom screw manufacturer? The best custom fastener manufacturer has the following

1. First-Rate Customer Service

Making custom fasteners and screws demands great attention to details. Screw manufacturers must, therefore, have excellent customer service so that they can get all the details right. Additionally, the manufacturer should make a follow up after delivering supplies, to confirm that all your custom fasteners are working optimally. In case the fasteners and screws supplied aren’t working as envisioned, the manufacturer should be able to make the right changes at no extra costs.

2. Should Create Prototypes for Testing

You may have ordered custom fasteners in bulk for your next big manufacturing or assembly project. Before processing the entire order, the experienced screw specialists will first create prototypes. This goes a long way in reducing defects and eliminating the costs of correcting the defects in a bulk order. A prototype will help you assess the quality of the material used to produce your custom fasteners. It also helps you make improvements to your product if you find that the custom screws may work better with a different design.

3. Should Have a Variety of Custom Fastener Options

Typically, fasteners are made from aluminum alloys that include elements such as copper, silicon, iron, magnesium, zinc, and manganese. The screw manufacturer should use the highest quality of aluminum alloys. Resultantly, you will get customized fasteners of the best quality, and your product will work efficiently with zero breakdowns.

4. Extensive Knowledge and Experience

Experienced screw specialists such as KENENG have a vast knowledge of screw manufacturing. A more knowledgeable screw manufacturer will help you sieve through all the options of custom set screws. Having been in the industry for long, the screw specialists may have produced similar custom fasteners before. As such, they can compare notes from a previous project and advise you on the best way forward.