8 Advantages Of Choosing Small Custom Fastener And Screw
    • Last updated October 31, 2022
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8 Advantages Of Choosing Small Custom Fastener And Screw

Posted By keneng keneng     October 31, 2022    


Small fasteners play a big role in product manufacturing. Without these micro screws, engineers would have a hard time designing smaller gadgets and products like glasses, watches, headphones, and cameras. Today, we have more custom small fastener options and they are heavily utilized in many manufacturing industries. Custom fasteners hold different parts of a product together and also allow for easy disassembling in order to facilitate repair and replacement. Here are the benefits of using small custom nuts bolts screws in product manufacturing.

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1. Micro Fasteners Give Designers and Engineers More Options

If manufacturers only had the traditional fastening methods — welding and adhesives — as their only fastening options, few of their products would be desirable. For instance, laptops, smartphones, and tablets would be far more costly if one can’t repair or replace dysfunctional parts because they’re permanently fixed to the devices. Additionally, welding and adhesives would limit the productivity of a product at peak performance. Excess heating could make some adhesives let up, causing some parts of the product to become loose.

Everyday products like eyeglasses could never be the same without using small fasteners and miniature screws. You will find product manufacturers across all industries relying on micro fasteners to make top quality products. Especially in today’s modern world where consumers want smaller and pocket-fitting gadgets, small screws come in handy.

2. Strongly Bonds Micro-Parts in Electronics

Custom manufactured micro screws allow manufacturers of electronic devices to assemble many small parts. With the rapid advance in technology, especially computer technology, customers are preferring smaller gadgets. Be it computers, tablets, or smartphones, people desire lighter and ultra-slimmer devices. This means that manufacturers and designers have to use customized micro screws, micro fasteners, and miniature screws to assemble the devices. Without these micro fastener options, manufacturers would have to use other options such as welding, which would ultimately affect the architecture of their electronic devices.

3. Quality Small Fasteners Reduce Manufacturing Waste

Commodity fasteners allow engineers to use less material and time in product manufacturing. Electronics manufacturers will attest to this. For instance, a laptop has many different parts that are pieced together on the motherboard. Small fasteners are the go-to for gadget designers when they need to assemble multiple parts. Other fastening methods like welding would require more materials and take a big chunk of the manufacturing time. Even a small gadget may have many different parts that need assembling. Manufacturers only need to pre-drill properly sized holes on the parts and then install the small fasteners during the final assembly. Overall, fewer materials, resources, and time will be used in the manufacturing process, and this will increase productivity.

3. Small Fasteners Allow Manufacturers to Produce Lighter Products

From the automotive industry to the electronics industry, lightweighting is the newest and most desired trend. It makes a lot of sense in terms of cost-savings and aesthetics. A lighter car utilizes less fuel, while a lighter gadget boosts the mobility and ease of handling. For instance, no consumer would love to walk around with a heavy and huge phone, as it would beat the purpose of having a mobile phone. Thanks to small fasteners and miniature screws, engineers can now design and produce miniature gadgets that are lighter and easier to operate. In our modern world, consumers are looking for products that give them more cost-savings, freedom, and utility. For car users, this means a lighter car with a good fuel economy, while gadget users are after light and small products that boost their mobility.

4. Makes Repair and Replacement of Parts Possible

When you think about it, none of your devices or equipment would be easy to repair had you not used custom set screws and captive fasteners in the assembling process. It’s easy to undo a custom fastener using the right torque force and the appropriate tools and techniques. For instance, if you manufacture computers, you can imagine how difficult it would be for your customers to replace a faulty part if all the computer parts are welded together. Without the use of custom screws and machine screws, it would be almost impossible for you or your customers to repair, replace, or install new equipment parts. Additionally, it’s easier to inspect and diagnose a machine that has been assembled using custom screws. When your customers have a problematic machine, it will be easy for you to send a technician to quickly correct the flaws.

5. Reduces Waste During Manufacturing

Imagine if you had welding as your only fastening option. Welding all parts of your machine would not only produce more waste, but also it would increase the time and cost of your production. Because you can order customized screws from a custom small screw specialist, you can design and produce machine parts to precision. This will help you to perfectly assemble different uniquely-designed parts with little to zero wastages. Utilizing custom fasteners will reduce your overall production cost, and give you a competitive edge in the market.

6. Small Fasteners Boost Installer Productivity

For manufacturers who produce products in bulk, the ease of installation and assembly using small fasteners is unmatched. Think about it — as a manufacturing enterprise, you probably pay your workers on an hourly basis. If your installation crew can do more quality work in less time, then you will be able to deliver more units. The many custom fastener options available allow you to have tiny screws tailor-made for your specific uses. Therefore, it is easier for your workers to assemble more units per hour. This enhances your overall productivity without compromising the quality of your products. As such, you can stay ahead of your competition by producing more quality units.

Small nuts, bolts, screws are indispensable when it comes to product manufacturing. Today, more than ever, consumers want smaller and lighter products that increase their efficiency. The many fastener options available help manufacturers produce quality products that will meet the consumers’ needs.

7. Increases Productivity

It is much easier to install and assemble different parts when using a custom fastener or a machine screw. When you have a long-line of production, you want to utilize the quickest fastening method that will give you fast and quality results. You only need to invest in quality torque wrenches and have well-trained workers. Designers and engineers will tell you that customized screws give them more liberty to be creative in their designing process. Additionally, the performance of your product will be boosted as all its parts are securely held together using quality screws.

8. Long Service Life

Even when you replace a machine part, you can still use the same screws you used on the old part to fix a new part. Stainless steel screws can keep your products intact for years. For the most part, custom screws will outlast a machine or product. As a fastener manufacturer, using quality stainless fastener on your products will boost your credibility in the market. When customers are buying different machines and equipment, they go for the products that will serve them longer.