EA clarified that it will provide PVP options in Madden 21's The Yard mode

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EA clarified that it will provide PVP options in Madden 21's The Yard mode

Posted By Helodie Jaqucline     August 17, 2020    


In the first period of time after the blog about The Yard mode was released, my understanding of the mode is that players can only play co-op style in it, because terms such as duos and trios appear in the article, and they usually only introduce this. This type of gameplay is used. Surprisingly, EA recently clarified that it will provide the player-vs-player function when The Yard is released, and every three MUT 21 Coins players can form a team.

EA announced the console version of The Yard for Madden 21. For players, this mode has reliable quality and sufficient appeal, but there are still some fans who worry about the worst of the game. Most players who have watched the trailer think this part of the content sounds very exciting, for example, players can customize the appearance of the players in the game from hairstyles to equipment and equipment. And the gameplay is open, which may also include some valuable actions that we have seen in football video games that can be posted as YouTube videos.

The main problem is that many users worry about not being able to enjoy pure 6-v-6, player-vs-player gameplay in this mode.

EA detailed the gameplay of The Yard in the Gridiron Notes selection. The developers stated that when players play the game, they can switch to any player on the field at any time, because all players belong to your squad. When players are in a two-player competition, each of them will control two NFL stars and their avatars. In a three-player game, each player will control an NFL obviously to play. In the game, the player will use the avatar at the beginning, and the player controlled by each player will have a different color. If any player in the player's team becomes the ball holder, the player will automatically start to control that player.

In order to understand the description correctly, I had to read this paragraph repeatedly and consult other experts in the sports video game industry. In general, the concept of player-vs-player did not exist in The Yard from the beginning. It is different from the player's ideal situation, which is completely co-op. Maybe this is the answer given by EA after considering some fans who are not satisfied with this dynamic.

EA stated that they tried various combinations when making The Yard prototype, from 3v3 to 7v7. But in order to strike a good balance between focusing on the player's avatar and ensuring that as many players as possible participate in each game, they chose to have up to 3 people controlling 6 players.

Although most of the content will have a lot of appeal to people at the beginning, it will be an illusion if only these things are used to keep players enthusiastic. Taking this online mode while restricting players from competing with each other is like inviting someone to a barbecue party and giving them only side dishes. Fortunately, MMOSPT will give you the best gaming experience in Madden Ultimate Team mode, because any Madden 21 player can buy cheap MUT coins there, and then build the strongest lineup in the game.