The reality and challenges of Modern World of Warcraft
    • Last updated August 22, 2020
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The reality and challenges of Modern World of Warcraft

Posted By Helodie Jaqucline     August 22, 2020    


Although the name of retail World of Warcraft is insulting to this old MMORPG that has been running smoothly for 15 years, almost the vast majority of players still choose this way to refer to the latest version of World of Warcraft. To be honest, the performance of retail World of Warcraft is not always satisfactory. It is more like a roller coaster, which excites fans at good times and frustrates players at bad times. Legion expansion has won wide acclaim from players, because players can enjoy a better leveling system through teaming, and it adds a class that makes old Classic WOW Gold players the most exciting-Demon Hunter, as the most flexible class in the game, players have It was thought that this class would not be open to players. The latest Battle for Azeroth expansion is impressive. The entire war between the two factions re-initiated in order to fight for the dominion of Azeroth has attracted everyone's attention.

However, the ensuing war campaign caused disputes and disagreements among players, and Sylvanas’ behavior caused Horde to lack sufficient leadership, so many players believed that the expansion had been lost after the first year passed. The attractiveness it deserves. What makes players even more bored is the newly added Azerite armor and Heart of Azeroth, because players need to spend time constantly upgrading them to avoid falling behind the main groups in the game.

This is why the Shadowlands expansion is so exciting, because World of Warcraft is expected to absorb some new users through this expansion. As with the previous release of new expansions, the official release of Shadowlands will result in changes to the upper limit of the game level, but the user experience is different. After the Shadowlands expansion is released, the upper limit of the character's level will be reduced from the current 120 to 50. After Shadowlands completes specific main tasks, players will also smoothly upgrade to level 60. Although this process seems too slow for those old players, but World of Warcraft finally completed this major transformation, which is worth encouraging. Especially for those new users and ordinary players, the leveling process will become extremely easy, so they can create new characters and continue their adventures.

If players want to unlock special class abilities according to their own decisions, they can also get opportunities in Shadowlands, provided that they fully explore new areas and merge alliances. For most players, the upgrade process only takes a small amount of time. This gives them more time to experience the new WOW Classic Gold endgame content, such as a series of new dungeons and Mythic challenges, Raids, etc. Players can also engage in PVP battles or continue to unlock more transmogs, and even collect all special mounts. Of course, other major functions that have been expanded in retail World of Warcraft will not be deleted, so players have a wealth of activities to kill game time. Whether it is mastering Battle Pet challenges, climbing PvP ranks, or pushing Mythic Keystone leveling on a weekly basis, it is attractive enough for players. In this process, the consumption of a large amount of WOW Classic Gold is inevitable, so every World of Warcraft player should go to MMOWTS to buy cheap WOW Classic Gold and enjoy high-quality services.