Advantages of standing office

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Advantages of standing office

Posted By con tuo     August 23, 2020    


In recent years, scientific research has confirmed the hazards of sedentary office people, and at the same time it has sounded the health alarm, so more and more people have begun to choose to use stand up desk manufacturer, which are not only a This concept of mobile office is also beneficial to health. A standing desk is not only a new type of office, but also a good assistant that can bring health to users. So what are the benefits of a standing desk?

  1. Stand up and live longer

Scientific research has found that people who sit for more than 6 hours a day have a 20% higher mortality rate than those who only sit for 3 hours a day. When a person is sitting, muscle activity is almost zero, and the body consumes very little energy. Negative effects; a person's heart rate, metabolic rate, insulin effectiveness and high-quality cholesterol levels will all decrease. On the contrary, when standing or walking, it will promote the blood circulation and metabolism in the human body, increase the body's resistance, which is of great benefit to human fitness.

  1. Can lose weight while standing

This is probably one of the favorite benefits of young people. As we mentioned before, when sitting, the heart rate and calorie consumption will decrease; while standing, the heart rate will increase and the calorie consumption will increase. Standing is naturally more helpful than sitting. lose weight.

  1. Good for the shoulder

Stiff shoulders and spine problems. This is probably a problem that most white-collar workers will have more or less. This is all caused by sedentary sitting, and some white-collar workers do not pay attention to sitting posture for a long time. Standing can strengthen your back muscles. Many people often have less pain in their back and back after standing up to work.

  1. Concentration is easier

First of all, standing is not easy to get sleepy, and sitting for a long time will make you drowsy; secondly, it can give users more vitality, the feet can change postures, more freedom, more casual and humane, and of course it is easier to create new ideas .

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