WoW: 12-month subscription rewards you with up to 5 mounts and more

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WoW: 12-month subscription rewards you with up to 5 mounts and more

Posted By jannick cooper     November 9, 2022    


After there were some promotions in the past that were supposed to lure players into taking out a 6-month subscription, Blizzard is now adding one on top. At the start of WoW: Dragonflight, they put together a package that rewards you with lots of goodies if you secure 12 months of game time.

Shortly before the release of WoW: Dragonflight, many players return to the world of Azeroth to embark on the journey to the Dragon Islands. Blizzard uses this opportunity to make players an offer that will hopefully keep them from disappearing from WoW again after a few months. Anyone who takes out a long-term subscription now will receive a whole lot of goodies.

What is particularly interesting is that this offer is not only valid for retail, but there are rewards for Dragonflight and for Classic. So you benefit from it, no matter which version you play. That was mostly different in the past. This is a good offer for players who already know that they will be playing WoW (buy now) permanently in the coming year. With a 12-month subscription, you not only get the goodies, you also pay less per month.

Five mounts for 12 months
The bonuses for the long-term subscription are divided into two categories and of course contain all the content that is also included in the current 6-month promotions.

Goodies for WoW: Dragonflight
Telix the Stormhorn: Once a humble beetle on the Forbidden Island, Telix was imbued with storm magic when Raszageth was freed. With his newly heightened senses, Telix now roams the Dragon Isles with the Dragonscale Expedition... and yours!
Giant Grrloc: The biggest murloc you've ever seen!
Nether-Infused Great Wyrm (from the 6-month subscription): Few mana wyrms find sources of arcane power so bountiful that a wyrm can grow to such a size. Greater Wyrms have an unparalleled mana hunger.
Lunar New Year Pack (coming later)
Goodies for WoW: WotLK Classic gold

Festering Emerald Dragon
Another mount from an upcoming 6-month subscription offer
Tabard of Flame (6 Month Subscription): A flaming addition to your wardrobe
The epic Tabard of Flame adds fiery style to any outfit!
Lunar New Year Pack
While you simply get the items unlocked in WoW: Dragonflight, in WotLK Classic you have to complete a quest that is then unlocked. You can get these from all innkeepers in all capital cities.