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Posted By rose james     November 19, 2022    


Before getting into the secret of successful recruiting, however, I want to respond to HR trainers, consultants, college professors, and coaches out there who may have concerns about my thesis that "real managers are born not made." The logical extension of this statement is that training (or education) is not required for managerial development. On the contrary, I firmly believe training is crucial for developing people no matter their role or job description. I contend, however, that training delivers the best news results when trainees possess the correct aptitudes for their particular work. If trainees have these innate abilities, they'll naturally be more inclined to seek relevant training in order to become better. Plus, their desire to improve will make them more attentive and more engaged students in the classroom. What this means for trainers, consultants, professors, and coaches is that everyone is best served by having a classroom full of students who possess the aptitudes needed to be successful in their specific job or the job to which they aspire. Why? Because trainees who possess the innate abilities required for their job will be more engaged in the training process, more capable of grasping the curriculum, and more motivated to apply the knowledge gained in their work.