Know More About Tummy Tuck Surgery with Dr. Stavros Economou
    • Last updated December 2, 2022
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Know More About Tummy Tuck Surgery with Dr. Stavros Economou

Posted By Dr. Stavros Economou     December 2, 2022    


When people heard about aesthetic surgeries, they always thought of them as unnecessarily expensive treatments. For example, abdominoplasty in Nicosia is a treatment that will cost a fortune. People also believe in some other misconceptions related to such surgeries.

But there are surgeons like Dr. Stavros Economou who can help you clear those misconceptions. Dr. Stavros Economou is among the best aesthetic surgeons in the country. He has helped people get to change their appearance according to their expectations. Moreover, he always follows a careful routine to conduct the surgeries and ensure smooth recoveries.

Dr. Stavros Economou can help you clear your doubts regarding aesthetic surgeries like abdominoplasty. Here is what you need to know more about this surgery.

What is abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is also popular as Cyprus tummy tuck surgery. The surgical treatment helps people get rid of bulgy abdominal areas. Usually, people need abdominoplasty when workout routines and diets do not get results. Generally, people need this surgery after their body gets changed due to age, operations, changes in genes, and body weight. Moreover, women sometimes also need this surgical treatment after delivering the child. Dr. Stavros Economou can help you with the abdominoplasty surgery in the best possible way.

How can this surgery be advantageous?

The core advantage of abdominoplasty is to reduce the fat around the abdominal area. But there are other benefits too that make this surgery a preference. And Dr. Stavros Economou can help you come across all those advantages. You can get a better silhouette because of tummy tuck surgery. On the other hand, the surgery can reduce the risks that are likely to begin due to excess fat and body weight. Also, a better-shaped abdominal area encourages people to maintain their physiques. Hence, it can all happen after this surgery.

Is the recovery part difficult?

Many people worry about the recovery phase after abdominoplasty. But when you are under the guidance and surveillance of surgeons like Dr. Stavros Economou, you do not need to worry about tummy tuck recovery. Dr. Stavros Economou understands that your body will have to cope with the changes after the surgery. Therefore, he tries to be with you all the time during the recovery phase. The phase might last a bit longer. He can suggest to you the best ways to recover faster. For example, he can recommend exercises, diet routines, and resting sessions that can make your recovery smoother.

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