Know some terms about cryptocurrency

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Know some terms about cryptocurrency

Posted By gogame token     December 5, 2022    


It is a fundamental concept that you should know if you want to get started in the world of investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Here is everything you need to know when starting with cryptos. You can choose the Cheapest Crypto To Transfer and invest on a large scale.


What is a cryptocurrency wallet?


A cryptocurrency wallet or purse is an element where your cryptographic assets are guarded. They can be independent of the Exchange you use to buy or sell, which provides greater security and diversification. In short, wallets allow us to store, send and receive crypto assets securely. It is essential to have a wallet if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies. To learn more about exchanges, this video collects some things you should know about them:





How does a wallet work?


A wallet is a digital purse in which you store your cryptos. These platforms are compatible with the offer of the different wallets on the market, allowing the user to use their crypto assets in a decentralized way.


A straightforward example: if you buy bread, you take out your wallet to pay. Well, if you are going to carry out an operation in a Blockchain environment, you will be able to have your wallet to carry out any process. Quick Swap Exchange is protected with a series of keys, and they distinguish between public and private keys.



Public keys and private keys: how are they different?


Something fundamental in the operation of cryptocurrency wallets is the keys, both public and private. Let's see how both types of keys differ:


Public key


The public key is similar to a bank account number. Crypto Investment India can give it to anyone to send us money without the risk that they can extract your funds. Through the public key, addresses are generated to receive, consult and see the status of your funds.


Private Key





On the other hand, the private key is the one that 'protects' your cryptos and your funds. It is the one that gives you the access key to them and the one that you must take care of with all the care in the world.


Each person may need a different type of wallet or cryptocurrency wallet. And when choosing a bitcoin wallet or other cryptos, you must ask yourselves what you want it for, thinking about what type of investor you will be since this is the best premise when choosing between one kind and another.




  • How much money are you going to invest in cryptocurrencies?
  • Number of transactions you will make, that is, how much you will use it to buy or sell.
  • If you are interested in operating in the short, medium or long term.
  • If you intend to store cryptocurrencies or exchange them.

To have all this clear, you must thoroughly immerse yourself in what Crypto Liquidity Providers offer and understand what you want as a cryptocurrency investor.


If you are starting to invest in cryptocurrencies, for example, you will suddenly invest a large amount of money but not operate with it. You could opt for a hardware wallet since your assets are more protected.