4 Easiest Dog Breeds to Take Care of

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4 Easiest Dog Breeds to Take Care of

Posted By Jeson Clarke     December 14, 2022    


The benefits of owning a dog can't be understated! These little canine companions can bring so much enrichment to your life. They help you stay fit, provide tons of socialization, and some healthcare experts even say they lower your risk of heart disease! If you would like to know about the benefits of owning a dog, visit this website.

Of course, dogs are also a lot of work. Some breeds can be a handful. But if you're looking for relatively low-maintenance pups that are easy to care for, we have you covered.


These dogs are a joy to have. They're a larger breed, tipping the scales between 55 and 90 pounds. But don't worry: These canines aren't intimidating. They're lovable goofs and loyal to a fault.

The Weimaraner has a long history of hunting. Like other hunting breeds, they are easy to train and want nothing more than to please.


The Basenji is an excellent choice if you live in an apartment or condo. They're sometimes referred to as the "barkless dog." That's because they rarely bark like traditional dogs. If they do vocalize, it's more like a yodeling.

Basenjis take commands very well, and they have the sensibilities of a hunting dog. Pair that with the lack of gross wet-dog smell, and they're an excellent dog for those needing a low-maintenance breed.

Boston Terrier

Who doesn't love a Boston Terrier? These dogs are adorable. They have stocky bodies, low-shed coats, and squished faces you can't help but love! Some Boston Terriers will encounter health problems due to their unique head shape, but it's manageable with the proper care.

This breed isn't particularly active. It still needs exercise, but you don't have to worry about running miles every day.


This lesser-known breed requires a good amount of exercise, but that's where its potential shortcomings end. Vizsla dogs are gorgeous, short-haired canines that rarely shed. They don't carry odors, and they don't require a ton of grooming.

The dog's temperament is one of the highlights. Vizslas are as sweet as can be. They make excellent companions and will provide you with all the benefits of owning a dog.

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