Airless sprayer has high coating utilization rate and saves materials
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    • Last updated September 14, 2020
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Airless sprayer has high coating utilization rate and saves materials

Posted By luxi tools     September 14, 2020    


Today we will talk about the characteristics of the airless paint sprayer. If you are interested, let’s read on:

1. High construction efficiency-airless spray mechanized construction, the efficiency is about 10 times that of the traditional manual roller brush.

2. The wall coating is uniform and smooth, with good texture-the coating is atomized into fine particles under high pressure, which are evenly distributed on the wall surface, forming a smooth, smooth and dense coating on the wall, obtaining traditional brushing etc. High-quality wall coating quality unmatched by the method;

3. The paint has strong adhesion and prolongs the life of the coating-the paint particles penetrate into the wall under high pressure, which enhances the mechanical engagement between the paint particles and the wall, the coating is denser and the coating life is longer.

4. High paint utilization rate-Compared with brushing and roller coating, airless spraying does not need to be dipped during on-site construction, and there will be no first dripping, avoiding paint waste; and it is even more different from traditional air spraying. Air spraying is atomized paint instead of atomized air, so it will not cause the paint to fly around, pollute the environment and cause waste. In the process of using the sprayer, more than 90% of the failures encountered by the user are caused by incomplete cleaning, improper maintenance or normal wear and tear of parts after use. So the proper use and maintenance training of the equipment is very important.

The spraying machine is mainly composed of a feeding device, a spray gun, and an atomization source. Applicable to various industries, please consult: air tools.