Is Vaping Marijuana Healthier Than Smoking It?

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Is Vaping Marijuana Healthier Than Smoking It?

Posted By Lee Wood     September 16, 2020    


Although cannabis consumption comes in many forms, many people prefer to smoke. Part of this is because it offers a sort of experience. You get to pick your favorite strain and experience the aromas and the flavors. However, there is one downside. The smoke itself isn’t the healthiest thing to introduce to your system. Although it's leagues better than smoking cigarettes, smoking marijuana can still affect the airways and respiratory system to some degree. So how do you get the smoking experience with less adverse health effects? Simple, you get a marijuana vape. To learn more about marijuana vape, click here.

What Makes Cannabis Smoke Unhealthy?

First, to understand the upsides of marijuana vapes, we have to understand how marijuana smoke affects you. The problem isn’t the cannabis, it’s the fact that there’s a lack of temperature control when you light up your marijuana. It causes it to combust, which releases carcinogens. Although marijuana hasn’t been linked to an increase in cancer risk, this combustion has shown microscopic injury to airways. This can increase your risk for respiratory issues later in life.

With marjiuana vapes, this temperature control issue is eliminated. Powered by a battery, marijuana vapes have a heating element that heats the flower or concentrate to the point just below combustion. The vapor is then released into the chamber, which you can then inhale and produce the desired effect.

Marjiuana Vapes Can Also Enhance Your Experience

Not only do you not have to give up the experience of inhaling your cannabis, you might even get a more pleasurable feeling from your cannabis. Vaporizing can release many other elements of the cannabis flower that you don’t get when you combust the materials. Terpenes and other cannabinoids are able to be released, when they’re typically destroyed if you smoke your cannabis. You essentially get a much cleaner taste and high, while also having a healthier way to inhale. It’s important to remember marijuana vapes are still a fairly new technology, so the studies can’t be considered conclusive at this point. However, all evidence points to the fact that vapor tends to be less harsh on your lungs and airways than combusted smoke.

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