The Current Elevator Factory Has Designed Elevators According To Different Purposes
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    • Last updated November 20, 2018
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The Current Elevator Factory Has Designed Elevators According To Different Purposes

Posted By Blanche fuji     November 20, 2018    


There are dozens of types of elevators. The type of elevator varies according to different classification methods. So let's take a look at the conditions under which today's Elevator Factory can produce different elevators:

  1. Classification by use: It can be divided into passenger elevators, freight elevators, medical elevators, sundries elevators, sightseeing elevators, car elevators, ship elevators, construction elevators, and some special elevators.
  2. Classified by driving method: can be divided into AC elevator, DC elevator, hydraulic elevator, rack and pinion elevator, spiral elevator.
  3. Speed ​​classification: can be divided into low speed ladder, medium speed ladder, high speed ladder and super high speed ladder.
  4. According to the driver's classification: can be divided into driver elevator, no driver elevator.
  5. Classification according to control mode: It can be divided into handle switch to operate elevator, button to control elevator, signal control elevator, acquisition control elevator, parallel control elevator and group control elevator.

Special elevators mainly include slope elevators, three-dimensional parking elevators, building construction elevators, fire elevators, refrigerated elevators, mining elevators, special elevators, slides, transport elevators, door lifts and seat lifts. In the case of a fire elevator, the fire elevator has an anteroom.

The front room area of ​​the independent fire elevator is: the front room area of ​​the residential building is more than 4.5 square meters; the front room area of ​​the public building and the high-rise factory (library) have a construction area of ​​more than 6 square meters. When the front room of the fire elevator is combined with the smoke-proof stairwell, the area is: the front room of the residential building is more than 6 square meters, and the room and high-rise building (library) of the former public building are over 10 square meters.