Why Truss Exhibits are Very Fascinating
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    • Last updated January 5, 2023
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Why Truss Exhibits are Very Fascinating

Posted By Exhibit Nation     January 5, 2023    


One of the most physically complex trade show exhibits that may be made without being entirely customized is a truss system. Truss exhibits still have a customized appearance while being much quicker to transport and considerably less expensive than a custom trade show display. Although the industrial, high-look of these exhibit truss systems is not for everyone, they are likely to stand out and get noticed because they are unusual from typical trade show displays, which is the aim at any event.

Exhibit truss systems are heavier and need more time and work to set up and take down than the majority of the trade show displays we provide. Particularly for the larger displays, many of these kits require freight shipping and can require several hours to assemble. Despite the fact that these displays require more time to set up than the majority of our portable trade show displays, their connectors make them simple to put up without the use of any equipment. The components have a warranty and are sturdy and reliable. These modular displays are put together from separate sections, which has the added advantage of allowing several displays to be built from a single set of parts. This makes these more expensive displays a better value because varied sizes and forms may be created to meet each unique place where the display is to be utilized.

Before attempting to make your own display shape, we advise sticking to the shapes that are displayed here or asking for a configuration because the kits we sell have been structurally engineered for safety and stability. The several kits we provide are available in sizes to fit many island booth areas. Different extras, such as lights, movable table tops, shelves, and monitor mounts, are provided with each package. Each kit delivers in one or more sturdy shipping cases. Depending on the design and layout of the display, different solutions are available for the graphic panels, which are often attached to the frame. If you find a kit you like but it is missing some accessories you require, these can typically be added, and each kit can also be customized, if required, so contact us with any unique requirements.