Professional Pet Preform Mold Maintenance Technology

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Professional Pet Preform Mold Maintenance Technology

Posted By preform nicole     November 28, 2018    


As a Pet Preform mold manufacturer, we would like to share with you injection molding technology and maintenance. Only when the mold is well maintained can you produce a good product for you.
Jilian Plastic Mould is a leading plastic mold manufacturer, specializing in the production of high efficiency, high difficulty and high precision plastic mold enterprises. Jilian Plastic Molding Co., Ltd. is a professional plastic mold manufacturer or a complete solution for the plastic injection mold industry group's mold industry.
China Mould has passed ISO 9001: 2000 international quality system certification! The specific technology is as follows:
1. Product molding process, mold structure and production process analysis. Ensure tool life reaches 500 million times and above.
2. Mold appearance: The appearance of the mold must ensure that there are no rust, no impact marks, no defects and other modules that deal with defects.
3. Mold transportation: The transportation must be equipped with mold clamping parts, the packaging is firm and rust-proof.
4. Our molds must be designed to complete the mold structure and machined parts, and to develop assembly requirements and injection molding process requirements.
5. Defects in appearance quality caused by plastic parts (such as shrinkage, etc.). ) or mold structure problems (such as sub-surface settings, gate settings, mold life can not be guaranteed).
Injection molding process and maintenance
6. Mold Information: When the mold is delivered, a set of mold wear parts and maintenance references must be provided.
Mold maintenance is more important than mold maintenance. The more mold maintenance, the shorter the life; and the better the mold maintenance, the longer the life. Pet Bottle Preform mold maintenance is divided into three points:
1, the daily maintenance of the mold: a variety of moving parts, such as thimbles, line position, guide column, guide sleeve refueling, cleaning mold surface, waterway transport dredging, this is a day to maintain the mold production.
2, appearance and maintenance: the outer mold is coated with anti-rust paint, the next mold, the movable mold of the predetermined mold should be coated with anti-rust oil, the mold should be kept tightly sealed to prevent dust from entering the cavity.
3. Regular maintenance: The regular maintenance of the mold exceeds the routine maintenance. It also includes the exhaust pipe cleaning, the trapped gas scavenging debris plus the correction of exhaust, damage and worn parts.