Factors to Remember When Designing Your Office Space

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Factors to Remember When Designing Your Office Space

Posted By mypick one     Mar 14    


If talking about office then it is special as a workplace because of how its employees interact. While workers on factory floors perform physical chores alone or in groups, and workshops are the type of location for more creative output by artistic personnel who frequently work in silence by themselves, the ordinary commercial workspace has a lot more happening on. It presents a variety of organisational and space issues for office interior design dubai experts to resolve.


Although studios are calmer and staffed by a smaller number of people, and manufacturing rooms are practically vast and controlled by the frequently massive equipment that is being used, the corporate environment can have hundreds of employees working close together. Therefore, compared to other work areas, office planning demands a totally distinct strategy.


Despite the broad variety of villa interior design in dubai available, the actual commercial design selected must meet a number of fundamental requirements that can be broken down into four key categories: the office infrastructure, communication practises, the rules that need to be followed, and potential future office needs.





Workplace Network


The office network mainly consists of all the individual workstations, executive offices, conference halls, reception areas, boardrooms, and non-work-related spaces including break rooms, kitchens, and restrooms. How this system of office buildings connects to one another and, specifically, whose departments must be located closest to one another, are of particular relevance.


The overall amount of space that can be used by regular office personnel is drastically decreased by the presence of executive offices, boardrooms, and conference rooms. While the restrooms and greeting area can be squeezed into the smallest possible spaces. Creative designs provided by office interior design companies in dubai are required to guarantee that the remaining space meets the needs of the entire team.







This has to do with how work is distributed among employees and between various departments in the workplace. In order to prevent office traffic from colliding with one another, it is intended to prevent a crossing motion of work. To ensure that the most appropriate organisation is used, consideration must also be given to the flow of reports and the usage of meeting spaces by individual employees. In essence, the employees who must be close to one another are situated closest to the appropriate executive office. Additionally, areas that could generate noise and serve as a nuisance for office workers are taken into consideration. For example, specific copying as well as printing rooms have been set up to hide office equipment and reduce noise levels.




Safety and building laws must be followed by office or villa interior design companies in dubai because they have an impact on all types of working spaces. The location and quantity of fire extinguishers, the location of exits, and the assurance of a clear path to them all must be taken into consideration when these laws are first being planned for. The type of office fire sprinklers and, by extension, the type of lighting system, may need to be taken into account.Another rule that must be followed is the one requiring quick access for people who have physical disabilities.