Factors Affecting The Life Of Pet Preforms

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Factors Affecting The Life Of Pet Preforms

Posted By preform nicole     November 29, 2018    


Molds are relatively expensive process equipment, mold manufacturing costs account for about 10% - 30% of the cost of the product, mold life will directly affect the cost of the product. In the case of large-scale production, the service life of the mold is particularly important. Generally, in the mold design stage, the type of production batch of the mold or the total number of parts produced by the mold, that is, the mold design life, should be clarified. Different molds have different forms of damage, but in general, damage to the work surface is mainly caused by friction and plastic deformation, cracking, fatigue damage and damage.
The main factors affecting the life of Pet Preforms are as follows:
1. Mold structure
A reasonable mold structure helps to increase the load carrying capacity of the mold and reduce the level of load on the mold. For example, a reliable guiding mechanism can avoid mutual scratches between the core and the cavity.
2. Mold material
Depending on the quantity produced, we will choose the best mold material. The high output and high requirements on the life of the mold, so we should choose materials with strong carrying capacity and long service life. In addition, we should pay attention to the process defects caused by the metallurgical quality of the mold material and the impact on the work load capacity, and take necessary measures to compensate for the lack of metallurgical quality and improve the life of the mold.
3. Mold processing
Defects in the processing of mold parts D. M processing and forging, pretreatment, quenching and hardening, surface treatment will cause the wear resistance and seizure resistance of the mold, and have a significant impact on the fracture resistance.
4. Mold working conditions
When the mold is in operation, the accuracy and rigidity of the device, the lubrication conditions, the pretreatment of the state of the machined material, the preheating of the mold, and the cooling conditions all affect the life of the mold.
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