Have You Ever Customed PP Compression Valve?

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Have You Ever Customed PP Compression Valve?

Posted By fitting Tony     September 28, 2020    


Yuhuan Hejia Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of pp compression valve. We have professional factories and workshops, and professional technicians in china.

We provide custom pp compression valve to the world’s most demanding industries.we can OEM and ODM all kinds of Plastic pipes and fittings.

Fully customized plastic PVC tubing and pipe can turn a standard job into a tailor-made project that meets your exact design specifications.We provide plastic tubing and pipe that are manufactured to your project’s exact custom lengths, packaging, color, and printing requirements.

Our product line includes elbow, laterals, crosses, true wyes, tees, shaped nipples, spool pieces and stub ends and all kinds of Plastic fittings, both in standard and specialty applications. Large manufacturing capacity combined with our technical expertise allows us to meet customized product needs with uncompromised service and always with the highest quality.

If you have ideas for your products, but there will be no drawings, it does not matter, tell me detailed information, we will Make drawings for you, make molds, make samples, and let you confirm the samples. We will do all the custom pipe and fitting services for you.

Our molds generally use stainless steel and mirror steel, if you have special needs, we can also meet.

We are the most professional custom pp compression valve factory in China. If you need to custom plastic pipes and fittings, please contact us.