Will Impacted Ear Wax Fix Itself?
    • Last updated April 3, 2023
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Will Impacted Ear Wax Fix Itself?

Posted By Attunehearing Attunehearing     April 3, 2023    


Ear wax is a common problem that many people experience at some point in their lives. Ear wax typically accumulates in the ear canal and blocks the eardrum, causing hearing loss and other serious problems. So what can you do to fix impacted ear wax?

In this article, we will discuss how impacted ear wax can be fixed and how to determine the right approach for you. We will also provide instructions on removing impacted ear wax using various methods.

What is impacted ear wax?

Impacted ear wax is an accumulation of wax and cerumen (ear wax) in the external ear canal. This condition occurs for several reasons, including age, pregnancy, and certain medical conditions. Impacted ear wax can cause significant distress for those who experience it, as it can cause mild to severe pain when touched or when the ear is moved. In some cases, impacted ear wax can also lead to hearing loss if not treated.

If you are experiencing impacted ear wax, there are a few things you can do to try to clear it up on your own. First, you may want to try using over-the-counter ear syrups or drops designed specifically for impacted ear wax. These products may help loosen the accumulation of wax and promote drainage. You might even want to see your doctor if the impacted ear wax is causing significant pain or if it is preventing you from hearing normally.

If you are unable to clear the impacted ear wax on your own, your doctor may be able to perform a medically-assisted removal procedure. This surgery may involve using a small blade or suction device to remove the accumulated wax from the canal.

Types of impacted ear wax

There are a few different types of impacted ear wax, including Cerumen impaction, which is when the wax becomes lodged in the ear and can't be expelled;

  • External otitis, which is when wax blocks the eardrum from hearing
  • Middle ear effusion, which is when fluid accumulates in the middle ear.

If you're experiencing one or more of these symptoms, visit your doctor for an evaluation. While impacted ear wax may not seem serious, it can lead to hearing impairment and other health problems.

Ear wax removal methods

There're many ways to remove ear wax, but the most common is using a syringe. You can also use a warm cloth or a wet cloth with soap. Another method is to use an ear candle, but it's not recommended for people who have allergies to wax or smoke.

How to fix impacted ear wax?

If you're experiencing ear wax issues, you can do a few things to try and solve the problem. First, ensure that you're using the right earwax removal method - some people find that using a vacuum cleaner is the best way to get rid of the wax, while others swear by boiling water. If boiling water doesn't work, you may need to see a doctor. Ear drops can help soften and remove impacted wax if all else fails.

If you suspect that your impacted ear wax may be causing you problems and you're thinking about if impacted ear wax will fix itself, please don't try to fix it on your own. Instead, contact the hearing health specialist at Attune for professional advice and treatment.