How Much CBD Is Naturally In Hemp?

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How Much CBD Is Naturally In Hemp?

Posted By Lee Wood     October 12, 2020    


Unlike its mind-altering cousin THC, CBD provides relaxing, non-psychoactive effects and offers a whole host of health and wellness benefits. But, how potent is hemp and what is the typical concentration of CBD found in hemp? Let’s dive in to learn more.

What Is The Concentration of CBD In Hemp-Derived CBD?

The hemp plant and the medical cannabis plant are different varieties of the cannabis sativa plant. Hemp and medical cannabis are related and therefore, they share the same chemical makeup and genetics. However, the quantity of THC found in these different plants varies. Medical cannabis contains anywhere from about 3-30% THC while hemp contains less than 1%.

CBD oil is derived from industrial hemp, or the hemp plant, which is not mind-altering. As stated above, hemp generally contains a very low percentage of THC and its concentration of CBD is also rather low, usually hovering around 3.5%.

CBD-Rich Hemp Strains For Optimal Benefits

Although CBD offers many great health and wellness benefits including enhanced immune system function, healthier skin and hair, and greater hormonal balance, if it’s the medicinal benefits you’re after, CBD works better in conjunction with THC.

As a result, you’ll get better pain killing properties using a cross of the BaOx strain and Therapy hemp strains, with genetics tracing back to Hindu Kush (a classic Indica strain of marijuana). For example, CBD products like the Purple Gas hemp flower strain can still provide great pain and anxiety relief without any sedation or psychoactive effects. For more information on purple gas hemp, please visit this website.

Where To Buy Purple Gas Hemp Flower And Other Hemp-Derived CBD Products

In short, although CBD is naturally found in hemp, not all hemp-derived CBD products are made equal. CBD hemp flowers like Purple Gas hemp are legal in the U.S. and are easy to find and purchase online. However, you should always check that you are buying from a reputable manufacturer that provides high-quality products.

You can do this by checking the manufacturer’s website and product labels for detailed information on hemp sourcing. You’ll also want to search for the Certificate Of Analysis (COA) before purchasing any hemp-derived CBD product to verify its CBD and THC potency.

For more information on special sauce hemp, please visit this website.