What Should You Know About Body Piercing Jewelry?

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What Should You Know About Body Piercing Jewelry?

Posted By Body Jewelry     Apr 15    


You should know that earlier body piercing was just limited to people that were adventurous and, it was limited to only some body parts. Though, now trends have completely changed and people are now piercing different parts of their body like eyebrows, the navel, lips as well as tongue.


Getting a piercing in your body is a personal decision, and there are a few things to think about first. When the time comes, among the first things to think about is the type of jewellery you want. Tongue jewelry is a personal accessory, and you may discover that your body is better suited to one type than another. Keep the following in mind when discussing jewellery options with your piercing professional.


Prioritize material concerns. Although you may have been assured that any piece of jewellery is safe to wear, it is important to note that the higher the nickel content, the higher the risk of irritation. There are a lot of people who are mildly allergic to metals, and letting it sit in an open piercing makes it much more difficult for the wound to heal. Steel jewellery is much preferable for your skin & your piercing's healing process. Niobium, like titanium, is a relatively inert metal, and it is also used to create jewellery.







Consider gauge when picking out a piece of body adornment. Different establishments pierce at different gauges, with the former referring to the size of the piercing used. Gun piercing, in which an earring is shot into the earlobe, results in an ear hole that is 18 gauge in size. There is less risk of the piercing being torn out if it is done at a smaller gauge, so most piercing shops would rather use a 14 or 12 instead.


Always think about how quickly your body would then heal when making your initial jewellery selection for new Ear plugs piercing. There is no rule stating that you cannot replace the jewellery at a later time. Keep in mind that your body would need time to heal after what amounts to an open wound has been put into it, and that you should wait for your body to adjust before trying anything too extreme. Finding the right Septum jewelry can simplify your life immensely.







Using high-quality metal is crucial when performing a body piercing. The same thing is true of body piercing Intimate jewelry. It is common practice to choose a metal that will not cause allergic reactions on the skin. The risk of infection is minimized when using materials like titanium, gold, or sterling steel. Avoid wearing anything made of nickel or copper because they cause skin reactions.


In cases where the piercing procedure goes wrong, some body regions can be severely damaged. Home piercing kits are not safe and should not be attempted by anyone. The process of getting a piercing can be a little uncomfortable, and it varies depending on the type of piercing you are getting.