Tips to Remember When Choosing Piercing Jewelry
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Tips to Remember When Choosing Piercing Jewelry

Posted By Body Jewelry     May 15    


The practice of piercing one's body is growing in popularity. As a matter of fact, it's a return to a time-honored tradition. Ancient Romans were masters of this form of body art. Nipple piercing, for example, was once seen as a sign of bravery in ancient cultures. It has been discovered that people pierced their hands, lips, and ears. Piercing of the genitalia was also common.


Today, piercing evolves across cultures all over the world. Today's piercing professionals draw on piercing's rich history while also utilizing cutting-edge techniques and equipment to ensure the safety of their clients. Only in the last few years has it once again become a major topic of discussion. Yes, it did make such a splash in the world of fashion that people took notice.


An increasing number of people today are drawn to this type of ear jewelry and Curved barbels. However, those considering it should understand that it involves more than just their appearance, and that learning the basics is essential.





Body Piercing: A Crucial Resource


Always seek out an expert Piercer. Nowadays, piercing studios for Flat back labret are abundant. Pick one that has a history of satisfied customers, as well as the necessary documentation to prove its legitimacy, such as a licence or certification.


In order to prevent infection, professional piercers should take precautions before performing body piercing, such as donning gloves & protective clothing, covering their hair, and washing their hands.


Don't reuse needles, and only use sterile bandages and 24-karat-gold body ornaments.


All instruments and surfaces used must be sterilised before use.


Guns used for piercing cannot be sterilised, making them unsuitable for use. Due to the plastic construction of these piercing guns, they cannot be sterilised. Another reason why piercing guns should be avoided is that piercings performed with them take longer to heal and can cause inflammation or infection. A lot of damage is done to the pierced tissues because of the raggedness of the cut formed by this instrument.







If you want a quick recovery without any issues, be sure to follow your piercer's aftercare instructions to the letter. From six to eight weeks is the typical time required for recovery. At that point, you can freely alter your existing body adornment.


Body jewelry should be made of a metal that won't cause any adverse reactions in the human body.

Surgical implant steel, surgery implant titanium, Tygon, and gold are all viable options.

Don't use anything silver- or gold-plated or fake. Infections can be caused when these metals react with body tissues.


Even more so with a fresh piercing, you should not take any chances. Always hire a qualified piercer. In addition, they can advise you on which Belly rings metal is ideal for your needs.


Cheap Naval jewelry inserted carelessly into a piercing runs the risk of being rejected by the body or causing an infection. To put it bluntly, if you get sick, it won't matter how much money you saved. Perhaps you should wait six months or even a year after getting pierced before you start wearing body jewellery.