Product appearance quality is an important factor that constitutes product value

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Product appearance quality is an important factor that constitutes product value

Posted By luxi tools     November 9, 2020    


Painting is an important part of the surface manufacturing process. The shortcomings of anti-rust, anti-corrosion, aesthetics, and changing the material itself are that the quality of the coating is one of the important aspects of the overall quality of the product. The appearance quality of a product not only reflects the protective and decorative performance of the product, but also constitutes an important factor in the value of the product. The painting equipment is a vital part of the entire painting process.

The automatic painting equipment has a large working range, high speed and high precision. It is especially suitable for spraying small and medium parts such as metals, plastics and other materials. It can be integrated with auxiliary equipment such as turntables and sliding table conveyor chain systems.

The specific features of automatic painting equipment are as follows:

(1) Coating equipment is inseparable from solvents, and many parts must be solvent-resistant.

(2) Coatings are flammable and explosive materials, and many parts of the equipment should be treated with flame retardant and explosion-proof.

(3) The coating process requirements are relatively fine, and the equipment accuracy requirements are high.

(4) The equipment load is low, and there are few heavy equipment.

(5) Coating equipment is easier to plan assembly line production methods, saving labor.

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