Establish A Sterile Environment In A Juice Processing Plant

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Establish A Sterile Environment In A Juice Processing Plant

Posted By chirty jimei     December 7, 2018    


The establishment and maintenance of the aseptic environment inside the machinery and equipment of the Juice Processing Plant. On the aseptic water rinsing bottles, aseptic material filling and capping equipment, different air positive pressures, ie cleanliness, are set according to the cleanliness requirements of different areas. It is required that the air pressure in the high area is greater than the area where the cleanliness requirements are low, so that the contaminated air does not enter the sterile space required for high cleanliness.
Sterile treatment of the package. Current sterilization methods for aseptic filling bottles are: spray method, spray method and perfusion method. Since it is difficult for domestic manufacturers to control the initial degree of dyeing of the bottle to a lower index, the inside of the bottle is sterilized by using a perfusion method with high sterilization reliability, and the outside of the bottle body is sprayed and sterilized, and is sterilized. There is plenty of room for retention to ensure commercial sterilization requirements are met.
At present, the methods for sterilizing the lid for aseptic filling are: spray method, spray method and ultraviolet irradiation method. The lid is sterilized by using a disinfectant spray method with high sterilization reliability, and there is sufficient room for sterilization retention time.
Aseptic processing of materials and material channels. The material used for filling is sterilized by ultra-high temperature automatic instantaneous sterilization (UHT) equipment. This method can effectively sterilize materials and reduce the heat of materials after a long period of time, resulting in changes in flavor of the product. The best material sterilization method, the sterilization effect can ensure the commercial sterility requirements.
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