You Need to Know Composition of Safety Syringe Assembly Machine

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You Need to Know Composition of Safety Syringe Assembly Machine

Posted By Zheng ri     November 10, 2020    


  1. Component alignment, conveying, escapement system
    The chaotic parts of safety Syringe Assembly Machine are automatically aligned according to the spatial orientation that is easily processed by the machine, and then smoothly delivered to the subsequent escapement to prepare for the subsequent robotic grabbing.
  2. Grab-shift-placement mechanism
    Grab the parts that have been positioned by the escapement or vacuum them, then move to another position (usually the assembly work position).
  3. Assembly work organization
    Refers to the mechanism used to complete the main action of the assembly work, such as pressing, clamping, screwing, carding, inserting, welding, riveting, bonding, and welding the workpiece to the previous component.
  4. Testing mechanism
    It is used to test the previous parts of the assembled parts or the machine's previous work results, such as missing parts inspection, size inspection, defect detection, function detection, and material inspection.
  5. Removal mechanism of the workpiece
    A mechanism for sorting out assembled and qualifled parts from the machine.

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