It Is Advisable to Know Debugging Steps for Rubber Extruder
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    • Last updated November 11, 2020
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It Is Advisable to Know Debugging Steps for Rubber Extruder

Posted By Zheng ri     November 11, 2020    


In the extrusion molding machinery and equipment, the rubber extruder is generally called the server, and the post-equipment extrusion molding machine with the supporting facilities between the two is called the boiler auxiliary machine. After more than 100 years of development trends, the extruder has evolved from the original single-screw extruder to single-screw, multi-extruder screws, and even extruder-free screws. Extrusion machines (servers) can be used with pipe fittings, plastic films, holding materials, wire drawing, wire drawing machines, plastic strapping, extruded nets, plate (sheet) materials, pvc profiles, granulation, cable wrapping, etc. The auxiliary machines of the plastic forming boiler are matched to form a variety of plastic extrusion forming production lines to produce a variety of plastic products.

The general operation process of extruder adjustment is as follows:

(1) Before starting, check whether the temperature control is dexterous, whether the instrument panel is malfunctioning, whether the cooling water channel is unobstructed, etc. Generally, the inspection should be carried out by means of thermometers and circulating cooling water.

(2) Heat the extruder screw, barrel and barrel of the extruder according to the safety operating procedures of the extruder. After the temperature rises to the set temperature, it must be insulated for about ten minutes before it can start. The temperature of each part of the equipment remains stable.

(3) Before starting, be sure to tighten the connecting screws and anchor bolts of each part of the material pipe while it is hot. Before the raw material is squeezed, the operator should not stand in front of the die to avoid the anchor bolts or screws from breaking and causing accidents.

(4) At the beginning of extrusion, the screw speed of the extruder should be slower than that, and then slowly accelerate to avoid starting the load and destroying the parts.

(5) When starting, put a small amount of raw materials first, and maintain the feeding balance. When feeding, pay close attention to various meter values ​​such as torque. After the raw materials are extruded from the die of the material tube and pulled into the traction belt machinery and equipment, Only then can the amount of material be increased slowly until everything is squeezed normally.

(6) When the belt is first drawn, there must be a certain distance between the shaping die and the material tube to facilitate the belt. Open the water channel (be careful not to pour water on the material pipe, otherwise it will cause the material pipe to feed disorderly and cause cutting or mold blockage), the appearance is complicated and the inner cavity is small and the back cover of the fixed mold is required for one mold and two cavities aluminum profiles The plate is turned on; after confirming that all the extruded raw materials are melted normally, the raw materials are drawn to the optical cable tractor according to the set traction belt. Reduce the distance between the shaping table and the material pipe, cover the back cover, start the mechanical pump, and when the extrusion speed and traction belt rate is basically balanced, observe the aluminum profile until all normal extrusion, and then shrink the distance between the shaping table and the material pipe To the ideal value.

(7) If you find that the parison does not form at the channel end of the shaping die or the inner ribs adhere to the inner wall of the aluminum profile, you can use a special tool with sharp mouth to place the parison at the channel end of the first section of the fixed mold at the position where the parison is not formed or the inner ribs Poke a number of small holes to make the small cavity and the air pass through the whole line. When the parison enters the shaping mold, it is open, which is beneficial to generate negative pressure and promote the parison to stick firmly to the mold wall of the shaping mold.

(8) If the rubber machinery encounters mold blockage (unblocked), it should immediately retreat the shaping table or increase the speed of the traction belt, or implement the above two plans, and then adjust according to the processing technology to resume production. If the failure of the implementation of the plan has been blocked, the shaping table should be retreated immediately, and the raw materials should be shoveled along the shaping mold, the water vapor of the shaping mold should be turned off, the traction belt speed should be reduced, and the aluminum profile should be slowly pulled out from the shaping mold . If a part of the aluminum profile is broken in the shaping mold, the shaping mold needs to be disassembled and the output product is completely eliminated and tidy.

(9) When shutting down, it is generally necessary to put the shut-off material first to squeeze and empty the production materials in the machine, and then shut down and disassemble the material pipe while it is hot to carry out the cleaning solution.