Different Types of Air Quick Couplers

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Different Types of Air Quick Couplers

Posted By snip snip     November 11, 2020    


Of course, there are several different types of Air Quick Coupler, each of which has own its unique characteristics. Generally speaking, quick couplers fall under the category of manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic, depending on its method of operation.

Manual quick couplers live up to their namesake by requiring the user to operate the quick coupler by hand. The user must walk to the end of the equipment or machinery and manually release the attachment. This must also be done in the correct order so that the next attachment will be used.

A semi-automatic quick coupler falls somewhere between a manual and fully automatic quick coupler. Like its manual counterpart, it’s used to operate the attachment mechanism of a machine or equipment, but it also requires the use of a safety device to ensure the attachment is secured in place with no “wiggle room.” The safety device is designed to prevent the attachment from releasing if failure occurs (e.g. loss of hydraulic pressure). Normally, the safety device is a pin that must be manually inserted into the quick coupler itself.

Finally, a third type of quick coupler is the fully automatic. It uses a hydraluc system to operate the attachment mechanism, and like the semi-automatic, it also features a safety mechanism. There’s no single best type of quick coupler, as each of the aforementioned types has its own strengths and weaknesses.

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