You Need to Know Necessity of Pvc Furniture Board

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You Need to Know Necessity of Pvc Furniture Board

Posted By jianguan ccc     November 12, 2020    


The pvc furniture board is made of PVC on the surface of the substrate by vacuum pumping, which can have a three-dimensional shape. Due to the overall coating, it has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance. There are many colors and patterns to choose from. However, the surface is easily scratched, knocked, and not resistant to high temperatures. Moreover, PVC is easily deformed due to the moisture of the glue immersed into the substrate during the glue coating process.

In the actual construction of home improvement today, ceiling materials are also emerging in endlessly. From the rise of PVC panels to the aluminum gussets that occupy most of the market, to the rise of plastic steel panels and integrated ceilings, people choose kitchen and bathroom space ceilings. more choices.

All materials of public bicycles and kiosks are environmentally friendly. At the same time, considering the unique humid climate of the coastal city of Yantai, the materials of the station pavilions will be mainly aluminum-plastic panels, PVC panels and color steel.

The reason for choosing aluminum-plastic panels and PVC panels, the person in charge of the project said, is mainly to prevent the "face" of urban wild advertisements. "When you use colored steel to clean up'psoriasis', the paint will be scraped off. Once the internal steel of the colored steel comes into contact with the air, it will easily form a'painted face', which will affect the overall appearance of the pavilion. Plastic panels and PVC panels are more convenient. Even if psoriasis is attached, they can be easily cleaned up."

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