Combined with first principle Flotation Equipment models

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Combined with first principle Flotation Equipment models

Posted By tank mixing     May 21, 2018    


Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models are now essential to the process improvement program. Stress and vibration analysis uses output from CFD models to provide the forces on impellers and stators. More importantly, CFD models have enabled the designer to understand a machine's hydrodynamic characteristics and impact on bubble particle collection (pulp zone recovery). "Initially, the CFD model determines the spatial distributions of air volume fraction (also called void fraction), dissipation rate and flow fields within the vessel. Then in a post-processing simulation, the cell's hydrodynamic characteristics are combined with first principle Flotation Equipment models. The post processor simulation provides insight into the interaction between the cell's hydrodynamic characteristics and bubble particle collection (pulp zone recovery).
In the first stage, four conventional first-order flotation kinetics models were fitted to the measured recoveries data and the best model were selected. In the second stage, influence of pH, solid concentration, water chemistry and the amount of collector dosage were investigated on kinetics parameters including flotation rate constant and ultimate recovery.
The results indicated that that perfectly mixed reactor model and Kelsall model gave the best and the weakest fit to the experimental data, respectively. It was observed that flotation rate constant and ultimate recovery were strongly affected by chemical factors investigated especially water quality. The flotation rate constant decreased with increasing the solids content, while ultimate recovery increased to certain value and thereafter reduced. It was also found that the most values of flotation rate constant and ultimate recovery obtained in dosage of collector are 30 and 40 g/t, respectively.

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